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Insurrection, Incitement, Insubordination...

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Incarcerated for Incitement to Mutiny...

One of the great state trials of the last century was the Incitement to Munity trial of 1925, in the run up to the General Strike. The twelve leading members of the Communist Party were imprisoned after Tom Wintringham (who was mentioned last season for his training of the Home Guard in WWII) printed a broadside encouraging troops not to fire on striking workers, but to shoot on any officer who ordered them too. These were not only handed out at barracks and munitions plants, but Wintringham even pasted them up on the rear of the sentry boxes at Buckingham Palace! The trial was something of a sham, all the leaflets did was tell troops to disobey what would have been an illegal order - with little to really convict the men of other than 'communism'. The heart was cut out of the Communist Party at the point when they could have (perhaps) made the biggest impact, and the trial timed to co-incide with regional elections that the labour movement was tipped to win massively. Wintringham, something of a wag, was a barrister and ran the broadsides off on the duplicator at the Temple! And was disbarred following his conviction, after six months imprisonment he was released days before the General Strike.

The trial was preceded by raids on the Communist Party's headquarters at King Street and Wintringham's chambers, and the whole proceeding was designed to incumber the functioning of the Party in the run up to the strike. So Special Branch confiscated every piece of paper in the building, every book and every memo, even Wintringham's love letters. They also 'arrested' busts of Lenin and Marx and the lavatory ballcocks!! Which perhaps takes 'inconveniencing' the red's to an unnecessary level!

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Ten years later he went on to found another great 'I' the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War! Or should that be Iberian Civil War?

Spud McLaren
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PhyllSmith wrote:
.... They also 'arrested' [...] the lavatory ballcocks!!
That would be to prevent the violence inherent in the cistern.


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