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How to Use the QI Forums

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QI Moderator
33152.  Mon Nov 21, 2005 7:50 am Reply with quote

Welcome to QI Talk. These are the friendliest forums on the web but they're growing very fast and it's becoming difficult for the staff to keep track of everything. To help you get the most out of the site it is divided up into sections. Posting your comments in the appropriate place is much more likely to produce the best results and a quicker response.

Moderation Policy

The main moderator here is Jenny and matters of dispute are referred to her. However, a very few very long-standing posters also have access to the QI Moderator login, in order to keep the forums as clear of spam as humanly possible given that we all have lives to live and don't sit on these threads all the time. There is also the possibility that comments are occasionally posted that give rise to legal liabilities, and we need the capability of getting rid of those as soon as possible.

Private messages to moderators are largely kept confidential, but moderators reserve the right to share them in our private forum on a need-to-know basis if they are relevant to a dispute that is affecting members' enjoyment of the forums.

Moderation policy on this forum is to expect members to act like adults and largely sort out personal disputes between themselves. We also expect people to be pleasant and respectful to each other. We recognize that people are human and will lose their tempers occasionally, but that should not be something that continues into some kind of flame war. Jenny reserves the right to redact part of your posts if it perpetuates that kind of behaviour. This is a privately owned forum run by QI, and your free speech rights are not infringed by us reserving the right to constrain it within acceptable limits. You'll find our limits are actually quite broad.

Banning is reserved for consistent posting of material that opens us to legal liability, or spamming, or in extreme circumstances of being so offensive that, despite several warnings, your posting behaviour does not improve and the benefits we gain from your presence are outweighed by those we gain from your absence.

The Forums

If you just want a general light-hearted chat with some Quite Interesting people you can introduce yourself by starting your own thread in Knock Knock or joining in any of the discussions on General Banter.

While all the forums are free and available to everyone, Quite Interestrings and the talk forums for the current series are more purposive. You will find that QI Talk is much more satisfying - completely addictive in fact - if you contribute fresh information of your own rather than just commenting on other people's posts.

You can start your own threads on any of the forums but please give a few moments thought beforehand to where your ideas will feel most at home.

Quite Interestrings is particularly suitable to original questions such as 'Are Plants Intelligent?' or 'Do Trees Die of Old Age?' but it's also the place to start discussions on anything at all - whether wildly obscure subjects such as Whale Lice or apparently ordinary ones like Clocks.

Sooper Seekrit Stuff is configured to be invisible to the Google crawler, for which reason it does not appear if you are not logged in. It is used mainly in December each year in connection with a quiz competition, and for this forum only the main moderator is suze.

Forums labelled with a letter of the alphabet and Series Talk is exclusively to subjects beginning with that letter. Please respect this small rule or you may find your thread has been tidied away elsewhere.

QI Lists is meant to be for nuggety one-liners. Have a look around to see what's there to find the best slot. QI Rolling News, for example, is for topical items culled from the papers, whereas Brand New Information is for facts which are brand new to *you* - but need not be in the least bit topical. QI Books, QI Quotations etc speak for themselves.

What Fresh Hell Is This? is the forum for topics where the interest lies in the discussion rather than the related facts (though you'll find that QI minds tend to require related facts to back up an argument).

If you're feeling particularly sharp, why not try your hand at threads in the QI Games forum? Rather than clog up the games with comments on individual shots, please use the appropriate discussion thread which you will find nearby.

Comments, complaints, corrections and (chance would be a fine thing) congratulations about the current QI TV Series are best routed to The Green Room. A number of QI Elves are usually lurking in there propping up the bar. They can answer your queries, explain things in greater detail or offer craven apologies for our occasional mistakes as appropriate. Starting a new thread is the best way to get noticed.

General knowledge

It is a QI adage that 'good questions are more interesting than right answers' but we like our answers to be a right as possible. It's always a good idea before posting a comment to check it first and you will also find you get much more feedback if you tell us where you found the information. If you post clichés, common wisdom or internet trivia in the form of unchecked 'useless facts', you may find your comments nibbled to death by our team of slavering Guard Chihuahuas.

Please do not feel intimidated by the apparently high level of intelligence and general knowledge - this is mostly an illusion. Although there are experts on all sorts of subjects dotted around the site, all the best QI information has been recently discovered by the person who posted it. With a small amount of effort, you too can 'learn something new every day' - and you'll have twice the fun if you find it out for yourself first and then share it with the rest of us.

Now come on in and make yourself at home.


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