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The Boston "Tea Party"

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Ian Dunn
758244.  Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:50 pm Reply with quote

At the time of the American revolution and the War of Independence, there was no such thing as tea parties.

The tea party began in the 1830s. The Boston Tea Party occured in 1773 and at the time was simply referred to as the "destruction of the tea".

BBC News wrote:
Anna, Duchess of Bedford, is the woman commonly credited with inventing afternoon tea - establishing it as an occasion for upper-class women to trade gossip while filling up between a light lunch and a late dinner, says Andrea Tanner, archivist at London store Fortnum & Mason, which has long hosted afternoon teas.

Those with an eye for historical dates may wonder why the invention of tea parties post-dated the Boston Tea Party - from which America's current right-wing movement draws its inspiration - by about 50 years. The anomaly might be explained by historian Alfred Young, who said the term "Boston Tea Party" did not appear in print until 1834 - before that it was known simply as the "destruction of the tea".

Source: BBC

758306.  Sat Nov 06, 2010 9:12 pm Reply with quote

This QI link provides additional information


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