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Collection/ Repository of interesting stuff?

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885999.  Wed Feb 15, 2012 11:02 am Reply with quote

After finding this site and exploring a lot (not all) of its nooks and crannies I am interested to find out if anyone knows of any other little trivia, fact, ignorance collection online.

Specifically are there are youtube channels, photo groups, well multimedia collections I guess.

I'm looking for tit bits to pass the time on some long journeys I have.

Yes I know there is the QI tv show and books, which I have most of. I am just looking for something to flick through on my phone from time to time. O and I don't have an IPhone, which rules out the QI App :(

886025.  Wed Feb 15, 2012 12:14 pm Reply with quote

There's a couple of QI feeds on Twitter (@qikipedia and @QITelegraph) as well as several of the elves feeds.

886033.  Wed Feb 15, 2012 12:35 pm Reply with quote

Ah twitter! I hadn't thought about that!

I have however found

<URL deleted> seems to be daily updates with a few good pics and vids.

<URL deleted>
<URL deleted>

Which seem to know be the same site.

Youtube theres Steve Spangler and american TV scientist.

886170.  Thu Feb 16, 2012 5:26 am Reply with quote

Hi Jay,

As a newcomer to this website, you're probably not aware of how seriously we deal with spam. Maybe you're just an innocent party who doesn't understand the rules yet, so I'm willing to cut you some slack. However, something in your message got my spidey sense tingling.

You say you "found" the URL for the facebook page of "amiignorant". However, the email address you used to register on this site was an "amiignorant . com" email address which suggests that you probably didn't need to try too hard to "find" that facebook page.

You also recommended two other websites, both of which are registered by Vacca Foeda Media. I can't tell if the "amiignorant . com" website is also owned by these people since it's registered with an anonymising service, but it's registered with the same registrar as the other two, so it's starting to look quite suspicious.

If I've misunderstood and you're a genuine user who wants to share interesting things, then I apologise. However, if you're simply an employee of Vacca Foeda Media who's looking to improve the SEO of your websites, then I would politely request that you peddle your wares elsewhere.


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