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General "I" topics - maybe interesting, maybe not.

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726960.  Sat Jul 10, 2010 7:20 am Reply with quote

"I" Dinosaurs.

(oh come on, you know I'd try to sneak dinosaurs in somewhere XD)

* Iguanodon anglicus Holl, 1829
* Iguanodon atherfieldensis Hooley, 1924
* Iguanodon bernissartensis Boulenger, 1881
* Iguanodon dawsoni Lydekker, 1888
* Iguanodon exogirarus Fritsch, 1878
* Iguanodon fittoni Lydekker, 1889
* Iguanodon hilli Newton , 1892
* Iguanodon hoggi Owen, 1874
* Iguanodon hollingtoniensis Lydekker, 1889
* Iguanodon lakotaensis Weishampel et Bjork, 1989
* Iguanodon mantelli Meyer, 1832
* Iguanodon orientalis Rozhdestvensky, 1952
* Iguanodon ottingeri Galton et Jensen, 1979
* Iguanodon phillipsii Seeley,1869
* Iguanodon praecursor Sauvage, 1876
* Iguanodon prestwichii Hulke, 1880
* Iguanodon seeleyi Hulke, 1882
* Iguanodon suessi Bunzel, 1871
* Iliosuchus incognitus Huene, 1932
* Indosaurus matleyi Huene et Matley, 1933
* Indosuchus raptorius Huene et Matley, 1933
* Ingenia yanshini Barsbold, 1981 partim
* Inosaurus tedreftensis Lapparent, 1960
* Irritator challengeri Martill et al., 1996
* Ischisaurus cattoi Reig, 1963
* Ischyrosaurus manseli Hulke (ex Lydekker, 1888)
* Itemirus medullaris Kurzanov, 1976

Dinosaur name, original founder, date of discovery (with thanks to

Spud McLaren
727042.  Sat Jul 10, 2010 5:52 pm Reply with quote

Q: What did theatre-goers experience at the opening night of G&S's Iolanthe that no previous premiere audience had experienced?

A: (Relatively) clean, cool air.

Wiki wrote:
The Savoy was a state-of-the-art theatre and the first public building in the world to be lit entirely by electricity. About 1,200 incandescent lamps were used, powered by a 120 horsepower generator on open land near the theatre. Carte explained why he had introduced electric light: "The greatest drawbacks to the enjoyment of the theatrical performances are, undoubtedly, the foul air and heat which pervade all theatres. As everyone knows, each gas-burner consumes as much oxygen as many people, and causes great heat beside. The incandescent lamps consume no oxygen, and cause no perceptible heat." The first generator proved too small to power the whole building, and though the entire front-of-house was electrically lit, the stage was lit by gas until 28 December 1881. At that performance, Carte stepped on stage and broke a glowing lightbulb before the audience to demonstrate the safety of the new technology. The Times described the electric lighting as superior, visually, to gaslight. Gaslights were installed as a backup, but they rarely had to be used.

Iolanthe wasn't the first theatrical production to be staged under electric light - that honour went to Patience. But it was the first to be so premiered.

On the subject of cool air, Buxton Opera House has a gasolier ventilation system, for use in warm weather. A large gas-ring at the top of the dome is lit - one would think this would be of little help in the cooling of the auditorium. However, the heated air rises more rapidly out of the vents at the top of the dome and cooler air is drawn in through the vents at the base of the building.

I've no idea how rare this system is - I was told it's unique, but can't find anything (yet) to confirm or challenge this.

Edit - it was known in some private houses.

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Spud McLaren
727045.  Sat Jul 10, 2010 6:33 pm Reply with quote

Q: How might boules be part of the process of energy production or jet propulsion?

Wiki wrote:
Single crystal ingots (called boules) of materials are grown (crystal growth) using methods such as the Czochralski process or Bridgeman technique.

The boules may be either semiconductors—for the electronic industry, or non-conducting inorganic compounds for industrial and jewelry use, e.g., synthetic ruby, sapphire etc.

Single crystal ingots of metal are produced in similar fashion to that used to produce high purity semiconductor ingots[3], i.e. by vacuum induction refining. Single crystal ingots of engineering metals are of interest due to their very high strength due to lack of grain boundaries. The method of production is via single crystal dendrite and not via simple casting. Possible uses include turbine blades.


727046.  Sat Jul 10, 2010 6:43 pm Reply with quote

I think some hifi tossers sorry buffs have used single crystal wire for the connection to the pickup on a turntable.

Spud McLaren
727047.  Sat Jul 10, 2010 6:45 pm Reply with quote

Indeed they have. I've probably bought cars for less than their interconnect leads cost.

Spud McLaren
727048.  Sat Jul 10, 2010 6:50 pm Reply with quote

I was quite surprised to find that the doctrine of the infallibility of the Pope was not formalised until the First Vatican Council of 1870; the first (on record) to discuss it was a Christian Arab, Theodore Abu-Qurrah, in the 9th century.

Spud McLaren
727053.  Sat Jul 10, 2010 7:20 pm Reply with quote

Q: How do you deal with a case of the Wobblies?

A: Depends on who you are - take your pick. They certainly got the shit kicked out of them on more than one occasion.

Spud McLaren
727055.  Sat Jul 10, 2010 7:40 pm Reply with quote

There must be scope in the Industrial Revolution for a question or two...

727060.  Sat Jul 10, 2010 8:43 pm Reply with quote

And there must be scope for "Idunno" as a forfeit

727069.  Sat Jul 10, 2010 11:45 pm Reply with quote

Or even shouts of "impossible!"

727070.  Sat Jul 10, 2010 11:56 pm Reply with quote

There's always "improbable research"

Kansas (flat as a pancake)
Teapot (chocolate - useless as)

and so on

Spud McLaren
727093.  Sun Jul 11, 2010 4:44 am Reply with quote

Ah - and

727095.  Sun Jul 11, 2010 4:54 am Reply with quote

What do you call a blind dinosaur?


Spud McLaren
727097.  Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:22 am Reply with quote

Reddy wrote:
"I" Dinosaurs.

* Iguanodon hoggi Owen, 1874
The Welsh (Bobbinog?) dinosaur.

Spud McLaren
727099.  Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:30 am Reply with quote

On improbable research, mention should be made of the Ig-Nobel Prizes, which is closely akin to the QI idea.

For example, in 2006 a study showing that the malaria mosquito (Anopheles gambiae) is attracted equally to the smell of Limburger cheese as it is to the smell of human feet earned the Ig Nobel Prize in the area of biology. As a direct result of these findings this cheese has now been placed in strategic locations in the nations of Africa to combat the epidemic of malaria. The significant contribution this study inadvertently made toward preserving human life arguably highlights the importance of sharing sound experimental findings, irrespective of intended uses of said findings.

[Source - Wiki]


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