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Modern Day Paupers' graves

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711388.  Thu May 20, 2010 6:55 pm Reply with quote

Well, it wouldn't be fun - you'd be dead!
(see above).

It's a bugger isn't it - the time when you can really have fun is the one time when you're not around to enjoy the fireworks! I can just imagine the vicar mounting a picket at the gate sporting signs "Sorry* but no blasphemers or atheists"

*this is the CofE and they are terribly polite

711390.  Thu May 20, 2010 7:02 pm Reply with quote

neither my husband nor my stepdaughter is an RC........I can hardly expect whichever to debate the finer points of Catholic theology with whichever priest they approach.

Au contraire. I find that non-religious people are much better equipped to debate theology with the clergy than religious people. I (for example) know the difference between excommunication and exclusion from holy communion - which is something my aforementioned christianised sister has some difficulty contemplating.

Incidentally, should it be "an RC" or "a RC". It's just that the former sounds, well, a bit like "an arsey" (which may be an apt description of me but isn't quite the image that the average RC might want to convey).

711398.  Thu May 20, 2010 7:26 pm Reply with quote

I reckon it should be "an RC", on the basis that I would read it as "an ar see". "A Roman Catholic", but that's a bit long to use more than once per conversation!

On the main point, as you suggest it would perhaps be easier if the two people involved were either atheists or utterly areligious; they're not though. Both would probably describe themselves as agnostic, but I reckon that between them there's about 1.2 people who believe in God. (I know what I mean here, at any rate!)

My stepdaughter is to be married next year in an office of the Church of England, and is marrying into a C-of-E-going family. Her intended goes to church no more often than I do, but I don't know that an atheist would be welcomed into the family with open arms - which she pretty much has been.

711408.  Thu May 20, 2010 8:35 pm Reply with quote

Well, leaving aside the question of whether there is or isn't a God (and all the other associated questions) - it's nice to see that the Christian Churches are continuing the grand tradition of tolerance, forgiveness etc that are so central to their doctrines. Now - if we can just get them to look up the words in the dictionary........

711409.  Thu May 20, 2010 8:42 pm Reply with quote

My stepdaughter is to be married

As an occasional watcher of Judge Judy I'm fascinated by her reactions to people who live together but aren't married. Invariably this consists of her asking something along the lines of "out of curiosity, why haven't you married".

(I should mention that it doesn't appear to affect her judgements).

I long for the day when somebody has the courage (and the absolutely clear cut case in their favour) to say something along the lines of "because my domestic arrangements are no business of the state, or some mythical being - now, can we get on with the case and would you mind if we didn't discuss your fetishes in the middle of this case?".

711573.  Fri May 21, 2010 11:04 am Reply with quote

I tend to agree that it's really no one's business but the couple's whether they are married, or whether they prefer to live together outwith marriage.

Mind you, having done it both ways - my husband and I lived together for nearly six years before we tied the knot - I'd recommend marriage.

As for my stepdaughter and her fiancÚ, they have "officially" cohabited for less than one year, but unofficially (i.e. his name was not on the documents, and he nominally had another address but rarely did he spend the night at it) for a while before that. They are to marry next summer.

Sadurian Mike
711581.  Fri May 21, 2010 11:29 am Reply with quote

I imagine that a judge would be interested in why a couple didn't get married because it might point to underlying tensions in the relationship.

If they answer "because we just couldn't afford it/didn't want to/don't agree with it" then there is nothing to be learned.

If, however, they mention that the reason is that he keeps putting it off/she never wants to discuss it/my parents hate the idea, etc, then it could have a bearing on the background to a case. Not all, of course, but some.


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