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Henri the Cheat

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639132.  Sat Nov 21, 2009 8:28 pm Reply with quote

suze wrote:
In general, I go along with the notion that you can't go replaying games every time the referee gets something wrong. There's a problem here though - in recent years it's become clear that you sometimes can.

The BBC got Graham Poll on for an interview which was on several news broadcasts, and he mentioned an incident when a game between Bahrain and Uzbekistan was ordered to be replayed. On that occasion, a Japanese referee had awarded a free kick to Bahrain upon an Uzbek player encroaching into the penalty area as his team was about to take a penalty. That's wrong; the correct action in that event is to tell the encroaching player off and then have another go at the penalty.

Uzbekistan protested even though it won the game 1-0, and FIFA ordered the game replayed. As it happens, the replayed game ended 1-1 - and this led to Uzbekistan's elimination from the tournament. Had the original 1-0 stood, Uzbekistan would have gone on to meet Trinidad and Tobago for a place in the finals.

And then of course, there is Mr Poll's own inability to count to two. During the match between Australia and Croatia which was the best game of the 2006 World Cup, Mr Poll booked the same Croatian player twice without sending him off. As it happened, it made no difference - there were no further goals after this incident. But FIFA confirmed a day or two later that, had Croatia scored while it had an "extra player", the match would have been voided and replayed.

In the interview, Mr Poll sought to draw a distinction between a referee getting the rules wrong in these sorts of ways, and a referee just getting a decision wrong. I'm not convinced that this distinction really exists.

Apparently there is scope in the rules for FIFA to order a replay if a technical mistake is made by the ref such as the encroachment issue. However there is no such rule for the ref making a wrong call on a playing incident. This is totally understandable as in almost every game a contentious issue comes up which affects the outcome. Offsides and penalty appeals are the obvious ones.
I don't know if the FA have a similar rule of appeal because I would have thought Liverpool would have exercised it after the beachball (I've only just stopped laughing!).
Ireland were shafted but it was in the FIFA committee room and not by Henri and the ref, that's just the way the game goes.


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