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A Staffordshire metal detector has recently discovered the largest hoard of Saxon era gold and silver goods.
There are over 1,500 pieces of jewellery, sword hilts and other goods, and they are thought to be approximately 1,400 years old.

Ian Dunn
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Hordes Of The Things is a comedy fantasy series that was co-written by QI creator John Lloyd and 2 point 4 children creator Andrew Marshall.

Source: British Comedy Guide

Peregrine Arkwright
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In the nineteenth century, in a field between Sedlescombe (about four miles from Battle, East Sussex) and what is now the A21, a bag was dug up containing old coins, or tokens. Most of them were given away to schoolchildren as examples of Hop Tokens.

It was only when one reached a reputable museum curator it was recognised as Saxon. The odds are the hoard was the intended payroll for Harold's army at the Battle of Hastings. Sadly he never made it back from the battlefield to dig it up, and he was probably the last person to know its location.

Peregrine Arkwright


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Metcalfe's Atlas of Anglo-Saxon & Norman Coin Finds does not agree, suggesting that characteristics of minting and dating place the hoard as a cache belonging to an East-Anglian merchant, possibly involved in trade in London.


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