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610443.  Wed Sep 09, 2009 1:39 pm Reply with quote

Another interesting fact about 'honeycomb' is that wasps also make comb in exactly the same hexagonal pattern of hatching cells, but the material is not wax, but paper made by chewing wood and other plant fibres. The same material is used to make a pear-shaped nest to contain the comb, and which hangs in a tree or hedgerow.
Bees and wasps are closely related, I think that the wasp is the ancestor of the bee, and I note that some wasps nest in holes and crevices, like the solitary or humble bee.

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Mosquito bites are acidic, which means ammonia-based 'cures' are best for mosquito bites.

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bemahan wrote:
Cel - is that the recipe where it all froths up and over the pan causing a very sticky mess on top of the cooker? Very nice though.

We always called that cinder toffee, and in NZ it is called hokey-pokey


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