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A horse can produce just below 15hp, and a human can produce 1.2hp... apparently in short bursts. Sustainably, a horse produces less than one horsepower and humans produce 0.1hp.

Theres plenty more that can be said about it than that though, I just thought animal species in comparison would be interesting :)
for references.

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mckeonj wrote:

Well said.

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"How many horsepower can a horse produce?" is a rather nice question.

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Depends how efficiently you can burn it.

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There you are: a gag already, you see.

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Talking of horse power, and cars:

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post 566635

1 British (mechanical) horsepower is equivalent to 7.457 x 10^2 Watts or 550 ft lbf s^-1.

1 metric horsepower is equivalent to 7.355 x 10^2 Watts.

Electrical horsepower is defined as exactly 746 Watts ie 7.46 x 10^2 Watts.

Boiler horsepower, though not used these days, is 9.8095 x 10^3 Watts - more than 13 times the value of mechanical horsepower.

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The most interesting out of all of these posts has to be in particular; the car with the horse within it walking on a treadmill...
That is an awesome, though probably a horribly flawed idea :)
I dont know how you managed to find shit like that... even for the internets standards :)

Ian Dunn
587300.  Tue Jul 21, 2009 6:26 am Reply with quote

An alternative version of horsepower is donkeypower, which is humourous metric version equal to 250 watts or 0.3353 horsepower.


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That reminds me of the days of Need For Speed III: Hot Persuit :(
Back when NFS was good you see -_-
Can you crash the cars in the same way on NFS Amish Horsepower?? :P
Or have annoying american police chase you like in hot persuit?


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