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Human-Animal Understanding

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Sadurian Mike
594096.  Sun Aug 02, 2009 1:32 pm Reply with quote

"Lobster" is the naval slang for a Royal Marine, from the old red coat they wore.

I can well believe that a marine looking for a fight might employ the urinary method detailed by Jenny. Come to that, there are probably some who would use it for sex too.

601656.  Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:53 am Reply with quote

Posital wrote:

2) People don't like the wierdos from the neighbouring valley 'cos they're different.

(Note: I'm responding to this using my sister's notes on animal behaviour - alas, sis hasn't learnt to reference works properly yet, so until I get back to Central Library in Manchester this will be hazy...)

Anyway, her notes mention that it's common to underestimate the intelligence of animals as their environment is so different to ours, cetaceans being the obvious example. Dolphins have no need to trim sticks to the right length and thickness to fish ants out of an anthill.

A chimp was used in an experiment to measure altruism. It was shown various people it was familiar with in a locked room, shivering violently (it was miming - no humans were hurt in this experiment), with an unlit stove in the corner. The chimp was offered a series of photographs of possible answers, e.g. the key, burning wick, an apple, and was asked to choose the correct solution.

7/8 times the chimp got it right, but it was more likely to choose a neutral solution when the person suffering was someone the chimp disliked..!


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