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Federerís Fabulous Fifteen

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580716.  Wed Jul 08, 2009 2:44 am Reply with quote

It is really difficult to judge these things (which are of course only opinions) based on who won what over what timescale and on what surface. Methods of training, frequency of tournaments and standards of equipment all count - and not just for the 'great', but for the oponents as well. It may well be argued that if Federer had played in Borgs era then his rounded game would have won him many clay titles, and that training and equipment have since levelled the field somewhat. It could also be argued that the jumps forward mean that if he had played in Borgs time he never got through fisrt round on clay, and that it is only these changes that put him in the game at all - these things we just don't know.

My respect for Federer as a sportsman comes from his complete ability to play against and with any style of tennis. I think he could reeturn serves from the biggest servers, and drop a few major serves himself, mix it at the net, play cross court with anyone, win short powerful games or grind out long battles. I just do not think I have ever seen a more total player. Whether that means he would automatically beat Borg or Becker or Lendl or anyone else from history I don't know, but I do think he'd mix it with all of them, I'm not so sure they could all mix it with him.


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