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The Great War

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1282448.  Thu Apr 26, 2018 10:14 am Reply with quote

I think that they are a character - not someone actually too dumb to follow advice but just playing the role of someone like that, acting as a eccentric personality type. I've started to notice it on various forums; people acting rather than being themselves.

1282487.  Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:02 pm Reply with quote

I found myself on a page that asked me if I wanted things on or off and because I didnt know what it was, I said no because it is easier to prevent something unwanted than have something happen and it be too late to prevent it. I don't understand what a lot of terms mean - or their possible effect on me, so I am cautious

As I recall, I didn't think the case for having it on yes WAS made, as there was a reference to something I was worried about. I didn't read it as a 100% recommendation of having it on, so went with my default position of caution.

It isn't done to be awkward or difficult but from a fear of effect of a wrong decision but thank you for the empathy and understanding.

I do try to quote and do want to make sure I credit right person and appear to be one of few who gladly thank people for information that I didn't know or enjoyed but if someone is unsteady on their feet I dont stand behind them loudly criticising them for being slow, the physical equivalent of my situation.

Thank you Jenny for the patient explaining. I am a little hazy on some bits but I followed some of it but it does get back to choosing to have that BBcode thing off but it may have been the original explanation or later comments but I was worried that it did expose me in some way, so I opted out.

For a very long time I ignored computers. I was spoilt enough to have my written work accepted in longhand because it was wanted and some young person converted it to text. I have very slowly had to take computers on, to get access to a lot of wonderful info that even with multiple rooms filled with books, I didnt have access to...

So from MY side, the explanation was the problem, as after it, I felt I was safer with it off

As to playing dumb or stupid, I am comfortable enough in education and intellect to be quite happy to admit to a weakness in a field. I don't spend my days jostling to impress. I have impressed people for a long time in my own field. I have had people tell me I left them spellbound and not wanting me to ever stop on my subjects, to the point that they would bring people to meet me and listen. I was indulged in my attempt to ignore computers because my work was so wanted. How many of you have a position in which you can simply refuse to use computers and were valued enough to be indulged?

I have a black spot when it comes to computers. I have always disliked them but loved some of the info they held, to the point of having to go over to the black side - but I still dislike them and I dont retain info because its like having to learn about something that one has no interest in, that is unpleasant.

It does rather disturb me that being openly and cheerfully prepared to admit to an incapability to understand something is apparently an invitation to a sneerfest and it is interesting to see the people on this that seem to be circling, looking for a chance to attack someone with a conceived weakness.

I don't attack people on here for spelling that would have shocked me at 12. I dont talk about them in 3rd person and accuse them of acting stupid or being stupid, because I have known multiple multi degreed experts who are in many fields outside their own, and even in basic life skills, mentally challenged - even lacking basic common sense. The people I find often worst, have one degree and are so full of themselves and yet have cleaners and tea ladies in the government departments, laughing at their stupidity and on top of that, giant pompous egos.

I have also, in a longish life, met people who had no formal education who were breathtakingly brilliant in their sphere and I have met people who dont read or write but are stunningly competent and brilliant at hiding their 'shameful' secret. I grew out of sneering at spelling and grammar etc when in my 20s, I realised that FAR more important than spelling etc were the IDEAS that people had. The sometimes fascinating different angles and challenging ideas that people could have, coming from a different background.

I dont try to hide my black spot because it has never been important to me and I am secure enough in my own value, to not constantly need to prove myself or compete. To be truthful, I thought this forum would have members beyond that.

1282564.  Fri Apr 27, 2018 10:19 am Reply with quote

Feralcat wrote:
It does rather disturb me that being openly and cheerfully prepared to admit to an incapability to understand something is apparently an invitation to a sneerfest and it is interesting to see the people on this that seem to be circling, looking for a chance to attack someone with a conceived weakness.

Admitting ignorance was never the issue, it was the lack of applying the advice you got about it several times.

Writing dozens of paragraphs about yourself over such a minor thing has not quite dispelled my suspicion.

Alfred E Neuman
1282565.  Fri Apr 27, 2018 10:31 am Reply with quote

Feralcat wrote:
As I recall, I didn't think the case for having it on yes WAS made

You recall incorrectly.

You asked about BBcode, and I advised you to leave it on, but I have a pressing life at present and I am neither your mother nor servant, so I can't do anything about the fact that you chose to ignore that.

And no, I've never had acolytes sitting at my feet catching pearls of wisdom as they drop from my lips, but then I prefer interacting with friends who are my equal.

1282694.  Sat Apr 28, 2018 6:20 pm Reply with quote

YOU may have advised to leave it on but you werent the only person who commented and if you had advised me I could smoke and fill my petrol tank but someone else mentioned the car might explode, I would opt to listen to the other person.

It may have been something you said in your explanation, that made me feel your direction was not something I would be prepared to take without a 3rd or 4th person to reassure. It may not. I don't recall now and no longer care AND I can only repeat, reasonably, that when I asked, something was said that made me unsure and I opted for caution. I seriously cannot believe the lack of yellow background is so much of an affront to a couple of people. I try to identify and often THANK the people I quote. Most people have real and moving problems and cares.

I would also point out that the option IS there. It is an option that the forum managers MUST know has certain effects and yet is seen as an option that should be offered to users. Take your complaint to them, if you have a problem.

After being spoken OF, as either stupid or playing stupid or playing a character? in the 3rd person, knowing that I was clearly in the middle of the conversation, and would be unexpectedly confronted with this - clearly an attack and a rather teenage act to make me feel a non person, in this situation, I did feel entitled to defend myself a LITTLE..

And referred to as trying to PRETEND to be eccentric, as tho it was a condition one would try to claim as a social position??? I found the attack very interesting in what it revealed of the poster and I'm sorry that I am not taking seriously, such attacks and allowing you to inform me of my lowly position and intellect and value. I suggest if you are unhappy with me, that you just dont reply or read my posts, or block me, if this forum has that ability. Like a mature and well educated and calmly sensible adult.

I see a lot more people as my equals than you clearly do. I respect people's right to be uncomfortable and tentative and even to ignore my advice if they still feel unsure. Interestingly, I would see that as a problem with my ability to address the concerns they had and probably come at it in a few ways, gently and helpfully, before just accepting that it is their little wrinkle in life. Just as I would accept someone had to walk slowly or had a stammer and within a week or so would have adapted so that the difference hardly registered.

What angry little bods you are. And the other poster resenting that someone appears to be eccentric OR RATHER, TRYING TO APPEAR TO BE ECCENTRIC - is that code speak for
I resent that someone appears to be more interesting than me WHICH IS NOT ALLOWED?

Good thing Brian Blessed isn't on here or he'd be trolled out for daring to be himself.

I am just living a gentle kindly life. I cheerfully and openly admit when I am a dunce at things because I know in some things - enough things, I shine. My abilities AND inabilities are not my value as a person. I don't need to be number 1 or shine at everything. I am on a forum that celebrates wide knowledge NOT computers and their use.

I have never claimed I am better than people. This is something you have interpreted (thank you...) from me sharing a TINY part of my life in reply to barely veiled attacks. I only shared a tiny part of my life experience. It appears that my biggest fault is lightheartedly refusing to let you inform me that I am to obey you or lie about my life in an attempt to NOT make one forum member suspect I might be inventing stuff to make his? fragile ego feel less secure. Of course as soon as I saw their user name I set out to rub their nose into the fact that their life is lacking.

Given I was basically accused of stupidity AND ACTING stupid deliberately, naturally I called up episodes where I was clearly not stupid and was valued. What was I supposed to do? Tell you how I lost the keys to the car or can't do brickwork?

It's tempting to list a handful of adjectives I could use in reply to you but I have to feed my animals and enjoy the rest of my day and it is just so dispiriting to have to be here replying to this crap

I am so disappointed that this should happen on a QI forum.

Unless this is the girls' lower fourth's QI forum?

In which case, you both have puke haircuts and we now have a no bullying policy, Lucinda, and Julia said you aren't invited to her party anymore, even if you are the only one who can operate the library computer to access the
dirty websites.

1282695.  Sat Apr 28, 2018 6:52 pm Reply with quote

I do HAVE return to comment on the utter arrogance of A E N

I am being TOLD I recall incorrectly that I was not convinced of the case for BBcodes BECAUSE YOU advised me I should have it on.

I did actually laugh briefly.

You are right Alfred

You are NOT my mother and I asked and I wanted to know about them so I could make my OWN decision and the case was NOT made to my satisfaction. DESPITE you apparently being in my mind and making MY decisions for me and deciding without all the knowledge of my situation, which may or may not be effected by BBcodes.

When did you develop this belief that what you think/believe is not to be doubted, challenged or rejected by the rest of the planet? Or does this only apply to elderly women or women in general?

Just keep digging, mate

Soon I won't have to type a word...

PS I am more than sure you don't have people who wait to collect your pearls of wisdom - but I bet people spend a lot of time sniggering about your pronouncements once they walk away...

1282697.  Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:04 pm Reply with quote

Oh fer pete sake - stop ranting. You obviously have interesting stuff to contribute, so please do. Just pay attention to our suggestions re quoting and links. Sitting on your high horse pontificating about your intellect and academic achievements etc does not endear you to us. There are many academics here but you won't hear them go on about that.

1282703.  Sun Apr 29, 2018 6:13 am Reply with quote

What the hell am I supposed to do when I am spoken of as stupid or acting stupid? I would dearly love to ignore them but I am the one who is being told I have to do as I'm told by a total w#nk.

I am happy to contribute and thank people who give me interesting info that I dont know and do so with no problems elsewhere.

Why dont you tell the giant ego to drop insisting I do as he tells me to and tell the child who speaks in 3rd person about people, metaphorically in front of them, to grow up?

I have said. DON'T READ MY POSTS IF IT UPSETS YOU. Act like adults and simply choose to not read my stuff or reply and their problem goes away and I go back to sharing interesting bits and enjoying the info of others.

Can I block them and be left in peace? Can you tell them to block me and get a life?

What would you do if you were discussed as stupid or PRETENDING to be stupid, when you thought you were sharing some wonderful info or telling people how much you enjoyed some info and 2 clowns jump you, one of whom believes he can tell me what to do and if I am not happy with his explanation or non explanation I HAVE to comply because he TOLD me what to do?

If I dont defend myself, do I let this huge ego pump itself even bigger and try the same thing on a less able woman? I have had experience with a bullying, physically dangerous man and at the risk of my life I stood up to him and broke him. The merest hint of a man trying to dominate me again and tell me WHAT I THINK OR WHAT I AM TO DO and they get shredded. As much for the future women in tbeir lives, as myself. I will not put up with it, even from saddos on the other side of the world - and go on. tell me I'm boasting again. I am past caring

I didnt demand that he be told to back off by management because both are nothing really BUT no man tells me what I am thinking and tells me what to do and no woman on this forum should be accepting of men labelling any women on this forum, as stupid.

I just want to go back to adding info on subjects and enjoying new info and being free of those gnats of intellect. Yes I am being mean and yes they both deserve a sharp slap of reality.

Tell them to grow up and leave me alone. The problem goes away. Do you think I wanted to have a public stoush? Or waste my time on these 2 people?

I have had a major sadness in my life today and forever I will remember wasting some of this morning on those 2 wastes of oxygen. And I also had some really poignant info about a young lad in WW1 to honour his memory and hopefully have his story shared and have at least his sacrifice told and I now have no time.

If I am attacked, I am entitled to defend myself, and if I am labelled stupid by a man I am entitled to give him a long boring wake up call and if it is boring to read, a little suggestion, DON'T READ IT. They shoved me into a public attack. They just didnt expect that I would give as good as I got

I am perfectly entitled to choose not to have BBcodes on. Management knew what they were doing when they gave people options to turn them on or off. The fact that some saddo is getting more and more angry that I dont obey him is not something that management should be allowing. I told him that as I recalled, the case was not successfully made. It was not made to MY satisfaction. His reply was that it WAS - BECAUSE HE TOLD ME TO DO IT.

Where is management to explain that that constitutes bullying as well as hilarious pomposity and a deeply unpleasant personality and that HIS behaviour taken further, could see him in court?

1282715.  Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:45 am Reply with quote

Keep digging, dear.

1282718.  Sun Apr 29, 2018 8:08 am Reply with quote

I don't really want to get drawn into this but I have one observation:

Feralcat wrote:

I am perfectly entitled to choose not to have BBcodes on. Management knew what they were doing when they gave people options to turn them on or off.

I can't actually see a reason why anyone would want to disable BBCode permanently. The only reason for disabling it that I can possibly think of is in order to give an example of what BBCode looks like, in order to help someone else to input BBCode correctly. Since there's an option for disabling BBCode in any individual reply (by means of a tick-box under the reply window), the option to disable it permanently seems unnecessary. Could management perhaps remove that option if it's going to cause this sort of difficulty?

1282719.  Sun Apr 29, 2018 8:33 am Reply with quote

Alerted one of the Mods to your post. Hope they will act.

1282909.  Tue May 01, 2018 5:05 pm Reply with quote

Enabling or disabling BBCode is simply a standard feature of the bulletin board software we're using.

Having it enabled poses no security risk at all. It simply allows better formatting of the posts to show, for instance, quotations. It's essentially a simplified version of html.

Like Brock, I have no idea why the option exists to disable it, as that clearly impedes the use of the forums. However, I'm not inclined to re-write the BB software just to deal with an isolated incidence.


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