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Dr. Know
433226.  Sun Nov 02, 2008 11:16 am Reply with quote

curse my unreliable sources!

433253.  Sun Nov 02, 2008 12:15 pm Reply with quote

There is also The Gorgon Project

The Gorgon Project plans to develop the Greater Gorgon gas fields, located between 130km and 200km off the north-west coast of Western Australia.

The consequences are projected to be

$11 billion initial investment
$17 billion in taxes and royalties
Additional export income of $2.5 billion a year
6000 direct and indirect new jobs, 1700 of which will be in Western Australia
Expansion of existing services and industries, and attraction of new ones
Underpinning the development of new technologies and skills, such as CO2 sequestration and subsea technology, creating regional capacity for future growth.

Which doesn't sound like a huge amount to me (though if anyone has $2.5 billion dollars spare I'm more than willing to take it off your hands).


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