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FAMILY: General micronation notes

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Sealand is probably the world’s most famous micronation, it is based on a disused sea fort 6 miles off the coast of Essex near Felixstowe. It has issued postal stamps (as most micronations do, to raise revenue) and passports, although it had to revoke the latter when 150,000 false documents were made and sold to East Europeans. Sealand was for sale with an asking price of around £100 M in 2007, but as far as I can see, it has so far had no takers.

Rose Island
In 1967, Italian engineer Giorgio Rosa funded the construction of a 400 square metre platform just off the Adriatic coast. He added restaurant, bar, nightclub, souvenir shop and a post office before the Italian government rather heavy-handedly sent four military policemen and tax inspectors to storm the island. Not long later, the government blew up the platform, an act immortalised on a set of stamps issued by the micronation’s government in exile.

The Republic of Minerva is a micronation in the Pacific Ocean. Las Vegas entrepreneur Michael Oliver formed the nation in 1971 after he dumped tonnes of sand on a submerged reef, allowing enough land for a tower to be constructed. Minerva declared its independence in 1972, but after a conference of the neighboring states, Tonga made a claim over the new territory and invaded.

This was a project of comedian Danny Wallace, an internet-based micronation whose only territory is Wallace’s flat in London (though citizens of Lovely are invited to declare a room as a Lovely embassy). The first attempt by Wallace was an invasion of Eel Pie Island with the help of his Minister of Defence Jon Bond (Bond got the job thanks to having once worked as a security guard at Tesco) but that plan was scuppered by police. Lovely attempted to submit a song Stop The Mugging And Start The Hugging in the Eurovision Song Contest, but failed as it has no national television or radio station. It also held the first ever Lovely Grand Prix in 2006, held using scalextric.

(Obviously there are loads more, but I've tried to stick to nations similar to the Hemingway story, or those that link elsewhere.)


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