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FOOD: Acne

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337023.  Thu May 15, 2008 10:45 am Reply with quote

Question: What do teenagers get if they eat too much chocolate?

Forfeit: Not Acne

Answer: Acne

Spots are certainly not directly caused by what food one eats, they erupt due to overactivity in the glands which secrete oil onto the skin. This oil clogs the pores which give bacteria an excellent environment to grow.

So what does chocolate have to do with this? Well the overactivity is often caused by increased testosterone (one reason why teenage boys have worse acne than girls) and recent studies have shown that increased dairy products may lead to increases in testosterone. So despite many dermatologists claims to the contrary, eating lots of milk chocolate may indeed increase your chances of getting acne.

At various times in the last 10 years, chocolate has been claimed to help against: diabetes, heart disease, coughs, cancer, stress and recovery after exercise; though it doesn’t appear to have the effect on depression that many think - for clinically depressed or stressed people, the chocolate high is short-lived and may even deepen the downer. Chocolate consumption has also been linked to nightmares.

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Fred, nice link here that Chocolate can cause sleep problems, see link above.


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