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FOOD: Fruit Machines

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336974.  Thu May 15, 2008 9:06 am Reply with quote

Question: How did the Mounties use a fruit machine to get their man?

Forfeit: None

They were used to root out homosexuals.

In the 1960s and 70s the Royal Canadian Mounted Police sponsored the use of a "fruit machine" which was supposed to be able to identify homosexuals who were then stripped of their posts in the Canadian Civil Service. Homosexuals were supposed to be vulnerable to blackmailing by Soviet agents, who could have extracted state secrets by threatening to reveal their sexuality.

People, mainly police officers, were asked to "volunteer" for a test of their stress level. They were shown a series of images, including naked men and naked women as well as more mundane things. Essentially, if a man showed a greater reaction to the naked men than to the naked women, he was identified as gay and persecuted or dismissed. Reaction was measured in terms of dilation of the pupils and perspiration. Gay immigration into Canada was forbidden until 1976, and the guy who brought the fruit machine to Canada, Kurt Freund, was from Czechoslovakia where it was used for the opposite purpose: to test people who were claiming exemption from military service on the grounds that they were gay.

Ottawa ceased funding the project in 1967, but the RCMP continued to persecute homosexuals. The crude measurement techniques were replaced by a plethysmograph - an instrument which utilised a probe consisting essentially of a cock ring (for men) or a dildo (for women) and measured tumescence on the one hand and lubrication on the other. The use of this seems to have continued into the 80s - although to a lesser and lesser extent as fewer and fewer people volunteered to have their stress levels measured.

What part of a man´s body increases in size by up to ten times when he is aroused? The pupil. The word ‘pupil’ is from the Latin pupillus/pupilla meaning a little child or doll– after the tiny reflection of yourself you see when you look into someone’s eye.

In Britain, fruit machines are technically known as AWP (Amusement with Prizes) machines. The suppliers of such machines charge rent, but it is illegal for them to take a percentage of the revenue. The reason that they are known as fruit machines is that they have pictures of fruit, but this tradition began with the Industry Novelty Company who tried to get around legal restrictions by claiming that its machines were chewing-gum dispensers, the fruits representing flavours of gum. The “bar” symbol was originally a stick of gum.

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Ian Dunn
766725.  Sun Dec 12, 2010 1:25 pm Reply with quote

It has just been reported in the news that the Cezch Republic are now using plethysmographs again to test gay men seeking asylum. Asylum seekers who are claiming to be gay are made to watch straight porn. If they get aroused, the fail the test.

Sources: Autostraddle and BBC.


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