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317679.  Wed Apr 16, 2008 10:33 am Reply with quote

Q: What's the worst sound in the world?

F: Fingernails on blackboard

A: Vomit


A study was conducted by Trevor Cox, a scientist at the University of Salford, to determine the most repulsive sound in the world.
It involved uploading clips of 34 sounds onto the website and having people from around the world rate them.
Fingernails scraping chalkboard was not the worst sound, only coming in 16th place. The worst sound was that of someone vomiting, followed by microphone feedback, babies crying, and a miscellaneous "scrapping (sic) sound".
Although the results are thought to be influenced by culture, Cox felt that the disgust reaction to certain sounds was evolutionary in nature. The disgust reaction to disease probably evolved to avoid getting sick. Females were in general more disgusted than males; it is speculated that this is due to females not only preventing themselves from getting sick, but also their offspring. In all, females rated more sounds worse than males, although the sound of a baby crying was a notable exception.Disgust also decreased with age.

Source: Wiki

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Link to vomiting frogs at post 316471


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