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Guest info / Johnny Vegas

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305272.  Fri Mar 28, 2008 9:53 am Reply with quote

Johnny Vegas

Subjects he knows about:
Football - Rugby League Football, definitely not soccer season ticket holder at St Helens and once played for them in a testimonial

Pottery no obvious F connection - studied art and ceramic design, his work has been on show at the V&A

Faith Roman Catholic. Joined a seminary school as a boy and considered the priesthood.

Fun - Holiday Camps worked as a redcoat

Fame sold his wedding photos to viz for 1. (now divorced)

Subjects he has covered in stand-up
(stand up act is generally ad-libbed, but...)



Friendship - Internet chatrooms

Fashion novelty clothing, oversized clothing

305302.  Fri Mar 28, 2008 10:15 am Reply with quote

Someone told me he divorced his wife on the grounds that she was a drunk. Not sure what we do with that.


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