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Just thought I'd add SQUIRE's thoughts on this fascinating country:

In Taiwanese villages strippers sometimes striptease at funerals.

There are a few reasons why this could be. The main reason put forward is that your honour is measured by the number of people who come along to your funeral and a strip show is a good way to get people to come. A less cynical reason is that strippers entertain demons and evil spirits who lurk about at funerals so they donít bother and contaminate the living at the ceremony. It might also, of course, sometimes be what the deceased has asked for.

Similar things were also happening in China, until last year when stripping at funerals banned.


4 out of 10 women in Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea and Taiwan use a skin-whitening cream.


The annual "Pigs of God" contest which takes place in Taiwan consists of the force-feeding of animals to see which can achieve the greatest mass.

The tradition, which is frowned upon by animal rights groups, is part of the religious beliefs of the Hakkas of whom there are around 4 million in the country. Obese animals are dragged in front of a huge crowd to be ritually slaughtered.


Taiwan was the first government outside of the US to legislate lethal injection as a form of execution. It's not killed anyone this way yet, Taiwan still shoots its prisoners.


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