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307596.  Mon Mar 31, 2008 3:15 pm Reply with quote

WB wrote:
Ordnance Survey must have been furious with all this messing about; they still proudly use the pre 1851 datum, which is 6m. west of the line marked at Greenwich.

That's interesting. Not because of tectonic plates, surely?

307693.  Mon Mar 31, 2008 5:09 pm Reply with quote

As far as I understand it, it's partly to do with plate movement since 1851, and partly to do with the fact that the meridian marked on the ground at Greenwich and Hither Green was in the wrong place to start with.

This was discussed on the Outside almost two years back, in a thread starting at post 65540. (Disregard my contribution to it; since I admitted when I wrote it that I was under the influence, I was probably exceptionally so.)

307702.  Mon Mar 31, 2008 5:20 pm Reply with quote

If I pointed out that the meridian is in fact (I think, anyway; I haven't passed thrugh the station in question for a week or two) marked on the ceiling rather than the ground at Hither Green, would it be a sign that my quibble-ometer has gone into overdrive? Thought so.

In a manner I find curiously pleasing, Frontinus' now looks to be one of the more secure bits of wildly erroneous prophecy. Good old Frontinus. Apropos of not very much, a book about aqueducts I flicked through while revising for finals (which quoted the man often) made the claim that Rome, at its height, required as much water to be brought in daily as modern* New York, despite a population of only a million or so.

*By "modern" I suspect, from dim memories, he meant mid-80s ish.

307754.  Mon Mar 31, 2008 6:17 pm Reply with quote

Thanks to suze's link to the meridian thread I have now completely lost interest in the subject. I liked the line about the line staying where it is and the continents sliding around underneath it, but it seems even that isn't true for some reason.

307760.  Mon Mar 31, 2008 6:31 pm Reply with quote

Yea, sorry about that Flash.

But you're right I fear - while continent movements are part of the answer, the greater part of it has to do with Mathematics, and it being found convenient to deem things to be in places where they aren't.

More one for UC than for QI, sadly.


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