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Molly Cule
1651.  Wed Nov 19, 2003 9:55 am Reply with quote

Thomas Edison used Japanese bamboo as filament in his first light bulbs, (1880-1893).

The bamboo was harvested near the Otokoyama Hachimankan shrine, in Yawata city. There is a monument to Edison at the shrine and Yawata City is twinned with Edisonís birthplace, Milan Village, Ohio.
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Hoping that Japanese bamboo could be bettered Edison sent a team of explorers to South America; they found great bamboo, but became confused by the river system and forgot where they had found it. Edison then sent a man named James Ricalton out to the jungles of Sri Lanka, Burma, Malaysia and India; for a year he searched long and hard until he believed he found the perfect bamboo in Sri Lanka. He returned home to Edison who in the meantime had begun using artificial carbon as filament.

1655.  Wed Nov 19, 2003 3:40 pm Reply with quote

The smallest species of bamboo grows to be no more than six inches tall. The largest can reach heights of 130 feet (40m).

The technical name for a bamboo stem is a 'culm'. The culms of some species of bamboo can grow 1 foot per day.

Most bamboos flower and produce seeds only after between 12 and 120 years growth...and then only once in a lifetime.


1658.  Wed Nov 19, 2003 4:29 pm Reply with quote

So if you were an Indian fakir and wanted to demonstrate your prowess by lying on a bed of nails, would you rather the bed was made of bamboo or of steel nails?

Molly Cule
1725.  Thu Nov 20, 2003 11:19 am Reply with quote

I'd pick nails anyday, the Japanese - who blame the Chinese, who blame the Japanese - used beds of bamboo as a form of torture, they'd lay the victim on a bamboo root, sprinkle water and let the speedily growing plant piece its way through skin and flesh. ouch!


1728.  Thu Nov 20, 2003 12:26 pm Reply with quote

I thought I'd read something like that sometime, which is why I asked the question.

3695.  Sat Dec 27, 2003 9:33 pm Reply with quote

The best gramophone needles were made of bamboo until the 1950s.

3696.  Sat Dec 27, 2003 9:34 pm Reply with quote

A bridge over the Min River in China is 250 m long, 3 m wide, and built entirely of bamboo - no nails, even.


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