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20 songs featuring....

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1319339.  Sat Apr 13, 2019 4:51 am Reply with quote

I tried to think of a non-sexist term for a gentleman's agreement but I couldn't. Any suggestions?

1319342.  Sat Apr 13, 2019 5:50 am Reply with quote

tetsabb wrote:
GuyBarry wrote:
"gentleman's agreement"

Firstly, where are there any gentlemen around here?
Secondly, what about the women?


"Ladies", surely.

1319348.  Sat Apr 13, 2019 9:44 am Reply with quote

9. Stiff Little Fingers - Stand up and shout

10. The Style Council - Shout To The Top

1319361.  Sat Apr 13, 2019 3:24 pm Reply with quote

11. Spice Girls - Holler

12. Old Yeller's Theme

Well, it's spelled right...

1319366.  Sat Apr 13, 2019 9:59 pm Reply with quote

Since you guys seem to be approaching this with all the enthusiasm of a eunuch in a whorehouse...

13. U2 - With a Shout

14. Mallory Knox - Shout at the Moon

I'm trying to do this without posting the two dodgy Kiss songs with shout in the title but you aren't making it easy!

Whited out below are some of the artists who have shout songs to offer - more or less posted to show I'm not being selfish about this... or at least not as selfish as I could be!

>>Joan Armatrading, Louis Armstrong, Camel, Miles Davis, Jason Donovan, Fugees, Golden Earring, Kiss, Barry Manilow, Little Mix, Pet Shop Boys, Otis Redding, Saxon, Shaggy, Joe Strummer &<<

1319370.  Sun Apr 14, 2019 2:15 am Reply with quote

What's the hurry? This category hasn't lasted as long as the last one yet. Two days to complete a category is perfectly normal (see post 1319371).

15. The Hollies - I Wanna Shout

1319401.  Sun Apr 14, 2019 5:52 am Reply with quote

tetsabb wrote:

Secondly, what about the women?

Well we'll always need someone to serve the coffee and cake.


1319425.  Sun Apr 14, 2019 9:53 am Reply with quote

GuyBarry wrote:
What's the hurry?

I like playing this game and including my whited out entries we could have 31 by now. I do like seeing what tracks other people would choose but I get antsy if it looks like the thread, and by inference the game, will stall because players aren't interested in a given topic.

1319431.  Sun Apr 14, 2019 11:24 am Reply with quote

Celebaelin wrote:

I like playing this game and including my whited out entries we could have 31 by now

Well we could, but then it wouldn't be much of a game, because people would just be selecting from the entries that you chose rather than coming up with their own ideas (which I thought was the whole point).

But I had a look through your suggestions and I quite liked this one:

16. Golden Earring - A Shout in the Dark

I do like seeing what tracks other people would choose but I get antsy if it looks like the thread, and by inference the game, will stall because players aren't interested in a given topic.

I really don't think there's any danger that this one will stall. My rule of thumb is seven days per category - if it goes on for longer than that then maybe it needs to be nudged along. (But doubtless others will disagree...)

1319438.  Sun Apr 14, 2019 12:04 pm Reply with quote

My point was that it's not that hard to find tracks in this category so if the entries aren't being posted it's probably 'cos people aren't interested. My hope was that this wasn't the case but it does appear to be so...

1319442.  Sun Apr 14, 2019 12:29 pm Reply with quote

There was plenty of interest on Friday - maybe people have been busy over the weekend. It's hard to say.

Anyway, I've listened to a couple more of your suggestions:

17. Joan Armatrading - Shouting Stage

18. Louis Armstrong with the Decca Mixed Chorus - Going to Shout All Over God's Heaven

1319443.  Sun Apr 14, 2019 1:00 pm Reply with quote

And to conclude (mainly at Celebaelin's request):

19. Barry Manilow - Jump Shout Boogie

20. Joe Strummer - Shouting Street

OK, my shout (pun intended).

New category: Songs that are the subject of urban myths

1. Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street

It's widely believed that the saxophone riff on this record was played by Bob Holness, the late presenter of Blockbusters, who in reality couldn't play a note. It was in fact played by the Scottish musician Raphael Ravenscroft, who received £27 for it. The Bob Holness story was reportedly a spoof contrived for the NME's "Would You Believe It" column by the journalist Stuart Maconie - although there's even some dispute about that.

More baseless gossip and unsubstantiated rumours please...

1319450.  Sun Apr 14, 2019 2:04 pm Reply with quote

2. Ohio Players - Love Rollercoaster

The scream that can be heard on the track, according to urban legend, is that captured during the recording of the track of a woman murdered in the room adjacent to the studio.

1319451.  Sun Apr 14, 2019 2:26 pm Reply with quote

3. Led Zeppelin - When The Levee Breaks

John Bonham's drumkit wasn't in fact set up in a stairwell (which would produce a 'reverb' echo) but some mikes were quite a distance from the drums for a similar delay-type effect.

So we took his kit out of the room where the other guys had been recording and stuck it in this lobby area. I got a couple of microphones and put them up the first set of the stairs.

4. Michael Jackson - Beat It

There's a story that Eddie Van Halen never met Michael Jackson and his recording of the Beat It solo occurred at Quincy Jones's request without MJ being involved at all. Well, not according to EVH

Van Halen:...there's Quincy, there's Michael Jackson and there's engineers. They're makin' records!
Michael left to go across the hall to do some children's speaking record. I think it was "E.T." or something. So I asked Quincy, "What do you want me to do?" And he goes, "Whatever you want to do." And I go, "Be careful when you say that. If you know anything about me, be careful when you say, "Do anything you want!"
I listened to the song, and I immediately go, "Can I change some parts?" I turned to the engineer and I go, "OK, from the breakdown, chop in this part, go to this piece, pre-chorus, to the chorus, out." Took him maybe 10 minutes to put it together. And I proceeded to improvise two solos over it. I was just finishing the second solo when Michael walked in. And you know artists are kind of crazy people. We're all a little bit strange. I didn't know how he would react to what I was doing. So I warned him before he listened. I said, "Look, I changed the middle section of your song." Now in my mind, he's either going to have his bodyguards kick me out for butchering his song, or he's going to like it. And so he gave it a listen, and he turned to me and went, "Wow, thank you so much for having the passion to not just come in and blaze a solo, but to actually care about the song, and make it better."
Unfortunately, "Thriller" kept our album, "1984," from going to No. 1. Our album was just about ready to go No. 1 when he burned his hair in that Pepsi commercial, if you remember that. And boom, he went straight to No. 1 again!

1319459.  Sun Apr 14, 2019 3:14 pm Reply with quote

5. Robert Johnson Crossroad Blues

Robert Johnson is alleged to have bartered his soul to the devil at a Mississippi crossroads in order to gain his musical abilities.

This has led to a legend that the song is cursed. Cover versions have been done by Eric Clapton, The Allman Brothers Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd, all of whom experienced traumatic bereavements, either involving loved ones (Clapton’s son) or band members (Lynyrd Skynyrd vocalist Ronnie Van Zant died in a car crash a year after recording Crossroads) afterwards.


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