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This is an ingenious machine for killing moths, it attracts them with a smell and then sprays them with a fungus.


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You may have seen what Neanderthals really looked like on QI.  In this clip, a science presenter adopts a Neanderthal mask and walks through the streets of San Francisco.

Sealion vs Octopus

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Spoiler alert.  The sealion wins.  How can something look so cute while it is destroying another creature?


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Richard Hammond has a new BBC show all about geology.  This clip is a great example of the sheer awesomeness of volcanos.


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What would happen if every creature in the animal kingdom had a human skeleton? 


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It doesn't do anything but move balls around, but this lego contraption isn't half impressive.


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Not sure this viral shows an entirely positive side of CPR, but it's a great way to get the message across.


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There are mysterious underwater circles just off the coast of Japan.  Aliens?  No, pufferfish.


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Do you ever wonder why traffic jams sometimes appear from absolutely nowhere?  Japanese scientists show that it is inevitable...


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A calculator.  Made of wood. If you want to do a sum, just drop a couple of marbles. 


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What happens if you pop a water balloon in microgravity?


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They're lethal.  Watch this seastar demolish a mussel...

Echinoderms: Sea Star Time-lapse: Eating Mussel from Shape of Life on Vimeo.

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