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Love this video of a graffiti cleaner and his nemises...

Milky Way

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The European Space Agency zooms into the Milky Way - mindblowing stuff...


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This will make you feel Christmassy, if you don't already, the sugar-plum fairy played on the glass harmonica:


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This is supposed to be the largest daytime fireworks display ever - how do you make daytime fireworks look good against a blue sky?  You make the explosions black, of course...


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After our Ingenious Interlude a few weeks ago, where we made a non-newtonian liquid dance, we were sent this marvellous video of a speaker making table salt dance.


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It must've been tempting to shade bits of this in.  A portrait, painstakingly created using 3 million pen dots...

Hero from Miguel Endara on Vimeo.


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You can't comb a hairy ball.  Why not?  What does that mean to your life?  Trust New Scientist to give us the skinny:


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As if weddings weren't always nervous occasions...


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There's a rather nice series of videos on Youtube called "Strange as it Seems" - check out this one about boats of the coast of Wales, and a certain, rather fortunate, name...


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Wonderful flash mob video here - dancing in Mumbai railway station...


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It's Mario.  It's opera.  It's brilliant.  You'll be singing this for weeks...

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