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Got to love this music video for Evelyn Evelyn. 

Evelyn Evelyn "Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn" Music Video from Amanda Palmer on Vimeo.


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Pollination is essential for life on earth, but it's such a small process that it's sometimes overlooked.  Not by Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg though...


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I for one welcome our spherical robot overlords:


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Robots playing ping-pong, it's pretty amazing engineering.  It does get a little boring to be honest, but give it a chance to the end when the robot plays against a human...


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This is a real Hallowe'en video - Michel Gagne's outcuts from his 2005 Nickelodeon animations.  Very dark...


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Happy Hallowe'en.  Here's a pumpkin...


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via boingboing.net, check out these amazing swing dancers and their super-hero routine. 


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Neatorama has a number of geometric light sculptures by Dev Harlan. 


Here is our favourite:

Dev Harlan - "Parmenides I", 2011 from Dev Harlan on Vimeo.


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Impressionist Jim Meskimen shows us his repertoire by working his way through the alphabet:


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It's a cool flash game that mashes up a number of different type of retro video games.  And it will take up a lot of your time:


and while we're talking retro...

Fox Retro from PUNGA on Vimeo.


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The masterful Penn and Teller are amazed by the speed of this Chinese mask ceremony:


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A pretty cool new form of acrobatics that's a mix of trampolining and high-wiring,


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My swimming lessons were never this fun...

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