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Do you use powerpoint?  Many of you do and so I bet you've seen some terrible presentations.  This site has a wonderful gallery of terrible slides...



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A couple of our favourite things here - music and space.  From ScientificAmerican comes a new way of listening to one of nature's greatest shows:

Supernova Sonata from Alex Parker on Vimeo.


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Check out this attempt at the world's largest domino pyramid.  So close!!!

New Species

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We love the discovery of new species on QI.  Check out this list of ones found in 2010, including the wonderful dracula minnow...


Dead skin can help clean the air:

Do no-smoking signs make you want to smoke?

How much is the UK austerity government spending on wine?

The Library of Congress has opened up its audio vaults:
Folding your arms relieves pain:

These people supposedly have no concept of time...

While these 8 people are the only that speak Busuu:

These Russian undertakers are in cahoots with paramedics:

And while in Russia - is Vladimir Putin Paul the Apostle?


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What if modern brands had posters in the olden days?  This gallery, that's what...



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There's a great book called The Secret Life of Dust which you can buy here:

Dust is much more interesting than you might imagine - check out these dust storms for instance...


Music Time

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Sit back and admire these guys creating a masterpiece from nothing more than a piano and a cello. 


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The Guardian is 190 years old.  To honour a rather unusual anniversary, it has a rather nice gallery.  Check it out here:



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Check out this gallery - which could begin a new feature: "Flickr gallery of the week".  Amazing photography of drops by "maianer"



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Why did I not have textbooks like this?  A great surreal gallery here:


And while we're looking at more modern art, check out this gallery - making use of "negative space"



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Great image of the sky here, it's fully navigable as well.  Amazing stuff...


(image from NASA)


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This is more QI though.  An ingenious solution to the problem of humans beings walking into each other...


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This is a bit silly really, but if you've got a pet it's a good way to spend 10 minutes or so...


More Video Games

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What if we were attacked by real-life Space Invaders?  It will be ok if this guy is around with his magic joystick...

QI on Ice

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Ever wondered what makes some ice cloudy? It's tiny, trapped air bubbles which refract the light. This is particularly true in home-made ice cubes, because the water used is generally from the tap, which becomes aerated as it pours.

Much more from the QI Telegraph Column here:


Video Games

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Have you heard of a movie called "king of kong"?  It was about the race to become the best video game player in the world.  It was brilliant.

There's a new one coming out about tetris, looks good...

Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters Full Trailer from Adam Cornelius on Vimeo.


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Octopodes are so beautiful.  Dancing.  Amazing...


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Good luck with this - I lasted around half an hour, got 40 points and gave up.  If you do any better please let us know....


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I always wanted a secret passage in my house - here's a gallery:

And some really cool USB sticks!

Look it up...

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A couple of great sites here - a backwards dictionary and an atlas that searched for your name...

Oh, and a great site that allows you to look at the history of weather in your city of choice...



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These pendulums have been doing the internet rounds this week, and with good reason, so hypnotic...


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Some great pictures here: long-exposure shots of takeoffs and landings.



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Magnets and balls.  Great stuff and similar to some "ingenious interludes" that we'll be showing on this year's season of QI.

F5 2011 RE:PLAY Film Festival. Inductance from Physalia Studio on Vimeo.


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Art made from bananas?  Only on the internet...


Future Me

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Want to freak yourself out?  Get drunk and fill in this form.  It's a way of sending yourself an e-mail in the future...


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Did you watch it?  Great movie.  But what would it look like if it was a desktop?

Geeky?  You bet.  But when's that ever stopped us?

INCEPTION_FOLDER from chris baker on Vimeo.


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Check out the winners of the 2011 World Photography Awards from National Geographic:


Facial Hair

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Smithsonian Magazine has a page where you can vote on the best facial hair in the Civil War.  Who will you vote for?

I think this guy...

facial hair.jpg

Facebook Roulette

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A great idea from a Russian Vodka company....


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Great idea for an ice-skating routine - beats Bolero in my book!  From the 2011 World Championships.


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More paper art - from Simon Schubert who creases, rather than folds.  Excellent stuff:


Bee and Balloons

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This ad for Jack Daniel's is nicely made. 

As is this one from MTV Brazil - clever people these advertisers...

Last Supper

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Fun site here with various interpretations of the Da Vinci painting:


Do It Yourself

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Bored?  Why not make a crossbow, or even a Plane Detector?

plane detector.jpg

Top 10s - or maybe Bottom 10s

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A couple of world top 10s here that are a little depressing, firstly 10 natural wonders that may soon disappear:

and then the 10 most polluted cities in the world...

Universe as your Plaything

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This is a great bit of software that allows you to control the universe.  Download here, or if that's too much trouble, just check out the beautiful embedded video after the jump...

That's How I Roll

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Great fun this - make your own Roller Coaster, thanks to the Discover Channel.


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Photographer Jan Banning travelled the world photographing beurocracy wherever he went.  The results tell a lot about the modern world.

Bureaucratics - Images by Jan Banning


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I'm not one for management-speak normally, but I definitely am one for Road Runner cartoons - this site is a great explanation of what Wile E. Coyote can teach us about creativity.


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