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Just a little link here, but I challenge you to watch this mini-video without some kind of exclamation!

Movie Game

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Good game here, especially if you know your movies - which sadly I don't.  It's hangman with a twist...


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We've linked to New Scientist's illusions regularly, and here's another one.  These lines are spiralling, surely?

New Scientist don't just do illusions though, here's a movie that they think "deserves" to go viral - do you agree?  If so, send the link on to your pals...

QI on Hibernation

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Roughly half of all hibernating hedgehogs fail to reach the spring. Some female bats wake up to discover they are pregnant, having been impregnated in their sleep. And female bears settling down for their seven-month sleep as fun-loving girls-about-the-forest wake up as single mums, having delivered several cubs (usually by different fathers) while they snooze.

More on hibernation from the QI elves in our weekly column for the Daily Telegraph here:

and if you liked that, why not check out all of our previous columns?


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We've looked at diets on QI before.  There seem to be new ones every week, but if you're really looking at getting into that swimsuit this summer, here are some from LiveScience that scientists think really work...


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The web seems to be quite hot on photo competitions at the moment - which is great news for those of us who like to see galleries of amazing images.

Check out the finalists of these two comps, from the Smithsonian and New Scientist...

even Red Bull have got in on the act, to some aplomb...


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...flight of.

These guys recreate the classic tune in a rather unusual way

And here's Maksim, my favourite Croatian pianist, showing how it should be done...

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