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Things we learned from the interweb this week...

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A couple of lists - firstly some "badass saints" as chosen by Listverse.


And secondly a list of 2010 movies that will eventually be cult classics.  I've got to agree with their number one choice - a great film.


Oh, and back to Listverse - do you want to see a list of people called Adolf?  Of course you do...



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How's your vocabulary?  I got 230 points, but I didn't realise it was against the clock!  See if you can beat that, anyway...


And if your vocabulary is all too good, then maybe you should start using shorter words?  This little online application is perfect for tweeting:


Cool Videos

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Who can say it better than New Scientist themselves?

Our January best of the web round-up features a solar-powered race car, frisky butterflies, a gesture-controlled robot, and high-tech yarn made of carbon nanotubes. You can also watch a sneaky cancer drug in action, blood cells infected with malaria, an ancient predator reconstructed, and the best of exoplanetary art. And let's not forget the sunset that no human eye has ever seen.

Watch it here:


If all that science is a bit much, then check out this great video.  It's some Soviet cossacks dancing, all put to the music of Run DMC.


Quiz Time

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We don't post quizzes nearly as often as we should.  How much do you remember about last year? 


Let us know how you got on in the comments...

He he... Shingaycum

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One for the childish amongst you - a nice infographic with some of the strangest and rudest place names in the UK.  Who's for a trip to upperthong?


A little more street art...

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More fun, this time, some graffiti that has really made the most of its environment...


The Planets

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With thanks to former QI Elf @CEDGray, this animation shows what the sky would be like if the other planets were as close as the moon is...

Scale from Brad Goodspeed on Vimeo.


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An island that James Bond buffs might recognize as the site of the villainous massive underground rocket launch site in the 1967 movie, "You Only Live Twice" is erupting.  National Geographic's pictures are stunning...


Also from Japan, this salt-art is on an equally epic scale...


Street Art & Sleet Art

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This Sheffield-based street artist is called "Phlegm" but don't let that put you off, his black and white works are something to behold:


Ok, this isn't sleet.  But it's frozen art - check out these frozen bubbles:



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Don't worry about the Japanese language, or the Russian dubbing - this movie has one of the baddest bad-asses of all time!  Give it a couple of minutes, then you won't be able to stop watching to see what they come up with next!

Slam Dunk

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If you've been messing around on the internet this week then you'll have already seen this - but if not it's great.  I won't say too much about it, but it's an awesome move by a member of the Phoenix Suns stunt basketball team...


Things we learned from the interweb this week

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Dolls are Evil

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At least according to the photography of Mariel Clayton.  Don't click the link if you have any fond memories about Barbie or Sindy...



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Optical illusions are always fun, this Japanese video shows some great ones: when the objects are rotated, all becomes clear...


Prank Call

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Check out those Belgians and their crraazy sense of humour.  In this entertaining video, a group of pranksters get their own back on a phone company who supposedly have a notoriously bad customer service.  Subtitles in English...


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This week's art project is all about shadows - check out these ingenius pictures...



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This 3D video was created with a CT scan of a baby mummy that was found in storage at the Royal Ontario Museum...

Scan of a Baby Mummy from Mark Frauenfelder on Vimeo.

What will they dream up next?

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We take the current design for granted, but there have been many other attempts to make a suit that one can use while travelling through space.  PBS has a nice interactive feature showing some of the more unusual ones:


And speaking of interactive sites, what did you dream about last night?  Watch those random thoughts come alive with "max my dream."


Lock Down

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The great thing about the internet is that you can find plenty of people who are dumber than you are.  Cheer yourself up by looking at these lock #fails.


Science Pictures

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You could spend plenty of time admiring these, the Olympus BioScapes is an international digital imaging competition - here are the 2010 winners and honorable mentions....


Bored or Busy?

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How's your day going?  If you're busy, then take some time out with the website: "do nothing for two minutes" in which you have to leave your computer alone for a whole 120 seconds.


If you're bored, on the other hand, you might prefer this game - avoid the red dots!


Plastic Fantastic

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Daniel Wurtzel posts videos of his 'kinetic sculptures' - objects moving around in unexpected but mesmerising ways.  Accompanied by the theme from American Beauty: "A sheet of red fabric continuously flies in and out of a vortex of air." (via BoingBoing)


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QI occasionally uses wikipedia for research reasons.  It's often a first step on the pursuit of knowledge.  There's no doubt it's an amazing source, here is more than you can ever wish to know about the subject:

Blooming Heck

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Is that spring I hear just around the corner?  While you're waiting for the first snow-drop of the year, check out web ecoist's list of unusual blooms:

A pantomime dame's hat can have serious repercussions across the world...


Some spiders take part in heavy petting:


St Christopher is sometimes depicted with the head of a dog:


Snow was on the ground in every US state (apart from Florida) earlier this month.


The word "moist" not only means what you think, it's also someone who practises "Moism."


Happy Meals are available in North Korea, but they're a little bit different.


The US Army uses 250,000 bullets for every kill in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Sunrise has come to Greenland two days earlier than expected:


Horoscopes are all wrong - even more than you already thought!



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Another I link - this time "ink" - artist Pery Burge makes some great images by capturing the flow of colours.  Check out the "Image Sequences" link...



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It begins with I and if you've ever been there, you'll know that it's a geography teacher's dream with u-shaped-valleys, geysers, volcanoes and just about every other type of geological feature.  Now you can be friends with the country - thanks to the tourist board's latest attempt to drum up interest...


The idea is that you can add it to your Twitter or Facebook account, but perhaps you've had enough of Facebook for the time being?  This site gives the facts when it comes to today's facebook obsession:


Human Planet

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Human planet is another reminder of why the BBC is so great.  Here's a clip...


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It's been a while since we linked to a cool artist.  Check out Myeombeom Kim's installation art which brings art and nature together...


The future is here

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"...then where's my hovercar" is the usual response, but there are certainly a number of advances from recent years that show we are living in the future already.  Geeksaresexy give us the low-down...


In the meatime - are these technologies on the way out?


It's great oop North

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The Northern lights are an iconic sight.  Environmental Grafitti, who we've linked to many times before, have some of the best photos from the pole...



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This is a great little site - the New Yorker does a cartoon every day, which no doubt usually includes a hilarious caption.  "Themonkeysyouordered" asks its correspondents to include a new caption, but one that literally encompasses the drawing.  The results are sometimes just as funny as the original gag...



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Technology has often borrowed ideas from nature - webecoist has a list of some of the best examples...



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Which of these characters are you???


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They're always going to be interesting.  Here's a new discovery, an ancient relative of T Rex that National Geographic is calling 'nasty'.  Nasty by the standards of other dinosaurs?  That's pretty nasty!


Liquid Nitrogen

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Apparently this video shows liquid nitrogen drops reacting to a hot surface, but even without the explanation, there's something hypnotic about it...


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It's January - which means if you're self-employed, you'd better get your tax done!  To celebrate, and perhaps with recent austerity measures in mind, here's a nice list from oddee.com:

A new kind of frog has been found, and it's a bit scary...


Lots of things about Winston Churchill here:


An Israeli vulture has been arrested for spying:


House number 243 is the unluckiest in the UK.


New Quibble Blog Entry

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The quibble blog is back, and we lock horns with Snopes.com again.  Are we disagreeing with such an established site?


Sea Hares

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Animal sex is always a favourite of the QI elves - that is, we like the wonderful ways that nature finds to reproduce.  Have you heard of sea-hares? They could be our new favourite animal:



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No doubt we'll be looking at insects in the I series of QI, they are an amazingly diverse order - even their wings are fascinating.


Great Ad

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Very cool ad for Intel here -


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2010 was a good year for palaentologists.  Here are the top 10 discoveries about dinosaurs in the last 12 months:


Beautiful Words

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All words are beautiful in their own way, perhaps, apart from maybe something like "moist".  But dictionary marker Robert Beard has chosen his top 100.  What do you think?  Can you think of any more beautiful?



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There's something sinister about starfish, I think, perhaps it's the way they turn themselves inside out to eat, but they can be beautiful - as this gallery shows...



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Here's a nice illusion.  Watch the video, concentrating on the white dot in the centre.  Then watch again looking at the outer dots - did you notice them change colour the first time?


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Here's a nice video showing all of the world's airline traffic for a single day.  Quite hypnotic...

The 'I's have it...

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Today, work starts on QI's I series.  To keep up with the research process, you can follow the elves on Twitter, they are: @JustinPollard, @MollyOldfield, @Eggshaped and @johnmitchinson - also follow @JimBuck2 for all your QI picture needs.

Anyway, to celebrate the beginning of all things 'I' - here are some eyes...


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