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Merry Christmas

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...with love from the elves. ^_^

We hope you enjoyed our Harry Potter special - if you missed it, you can still catch it on iPlayer here:

...and the XL version will be on BBC2 this Wednesday.

QTube will be back in the New Year when the elves reconvene to talk about Series I.

Things we learned from the interweb this week Part 2

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Here's a way to catch Father Christmas:

All the Earth's gold may have come from a lucky asteroid strike.

There could be 35,000 species of unknown flower just sat in cupboards around the world.

Meanwhile a new species of bacteria has been found on the Titanic.

Tea could be used to treat smelly feet:

Things we learned from the interweb this week Part 1

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I'm not sure how QI fits into this list, but has quite a nice little list of ways that television affects your brain.  Some very interesting thoughts here...


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Do penguins fly?  This silly little animation answers the question for you...

New Quibble Blog Entry

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This week our mistakes and retractions blog gets some help from a specialist on the history of marriage law...

The Universe

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NASA has created a rather lovely video using images from the Hubble Space Telescope that shows all the known galaxies in the observable universe...

New Species

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Many new species are discovered all the time, National Geographic has documented its favourite ten of 2010.


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One of the best games on the web, it's called The Game of Disorientation and it makes your head hurt!


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Of course the elves have kept an eye on wikileaks just like everyone else over the last few weeks, here are a few sites that have caught our attention:

Here are some pictures, supposedly showing the servers that wikileaks uses...

Future cables will be showing UFO details - as if things couldn't get any more mysterious...

And from AOL, the 'lighter side of wikileaks'.

Skull Skills

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You've got to appreciate the dedication, if nothing else.  One skull made for every day of the year:


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This is what music videos would look like if they were all made in the Inception-world.  Great stuff from director 'Cyriak'.


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There's nothing more Chrismussy than Planton right?  Well maybe you'll think so after checking out this gallery...

Things we learned from the Interweb this week...

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Social Media Song

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My Favourite Tweets - a quite nice (and rather cynical) look at sites like Facebook and Twitter...

A few unusual links..

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Here's a video of planes arriving and taking off from airports around the world..

And here's a rather odd site which documents North Korean leader Kim Jong Il looking at things...

and finally, here's another video. This time seeing how the world's life expectancy and income has changed for 200 countries over 200 years.

New Quibble Blog Post

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It's our second post on the subject of Gravity - are we admitting another mistake??

Cartoon time

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Real-life actors play out the classic tale of Roadrunner vs Coyote...

The number 5...

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The first few powers of 5 share a curious property -- their digits can be rearranged to express their value:

25 = 52
125 = 51 + 2
625 = 56 - 2
3125 = (3 + (1 × 2))5
15625 = 56 × 125
78125 = 57 × 182

It's conjectured that all powers of 5 have this property. But no one's proved it yet.

(courtesy of


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Well, not really, but Qatar will be hosting the world cup in 2022.  Apart from how to pronouce the name of the country (a bit like "gutter") - how much do you know about it?  National Geographic has a rather nice image gallery...


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Sleepwalk is a slightly silly game where you have to get a sleeping penguin to bed; it's not difficult but it's kinda fun...

Satellite Photography

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It's the Earth as you've only occasionally seen it before - but all in one place. Witness the beauty of the planet from outerspace:

Birth to 10 Years Old...

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This girl's parents took a photo of her every day (at least we tried to!) since birth until the present.  Watch her grow in full stop-motion glory...


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It's your daily dose of cute.  When a mother and her chicks get hit by a freak gust - is there a happy ending??

I call mine

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This is really rather NSFW, but still.  It's a survey of what the UK's men call their reproductive organ.  Childish, and open for abuse - as shown by the fact that the North West of England appear to call theirs "Sepp Blatter" - but fairly interesting in its own way:

What we learned from the Interweb this week pt 2

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What we learned from the Interweb this week pt 1

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New Quibble Blog Entry

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This week's quibble blog answers the question of whether two bullets - one fired, one dropped - would hit the floor at the same time...


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There's something about animations showing Evolution that I love.  The first video here is an ad for a pen, but I couldn't let it pass without also posting links to the takes on the subject by Fatboy Slim and The Simpsons...


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Some works of art from the exact opposite side of the spectrum.

Lascaux has a brilliant new site that allows you to take an interactive walk through their caves:

While the Turnip Prize - the award for the very worst in modern art - has announced its nominees...

The Arctic Circle

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It's an award winning animation that is kinda topical given the time of year.  Very good...


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I have a bit of a phobia of jellyfish, but even I have to admit that they can be beautiful animals - here are environmental grafitti's top 14...


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Are you an early adoptor, or a resistor of new technology?

CollegeHumour is a site that posts often hilarious videos, and their take on new technology is no exception:

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