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Stephen Fry, National Treasure

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It's Stephen, and he's been given the Weebls makeover. 

It's fun, it's catchy and it's great..

Can You Draw the Internet?

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Well, can you?

A lot have people have tried here...

Things we learned from the interweb this week

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Scientists have managed to create and contain antimatter...

Iran has a graveyard with penis-shaped tombstones...

Evangelical Christians in Brazil think that the USB port is the work of Satan...

Full Moons have a strong electric field...

Pythagoras of Samos was a bit of a drinker and a practical joker...

What Might Have Been

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Scottish geologist Dougal Dixon has given a lot of thought to how animals might have evolved had conditions been different.  Check out his pictures here:


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A nice experiment in which you can see how the waves inside a microwave travel...


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A couple of machine videos, both advertising campaigns, but both quite cool...

FIrstly an ad that shows humans turning into machines:

And then a rube-goldberg style machine; they're always great...


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The world's largest 360° Panorama photgraph has been created.  It's of central London and is made from 7886 individual images.

New Quibble Blog Entry

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Part II of our section of quibbles relating to the pictures shown on QI...

It's a Small World

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The Small World Photography Competition is run annually by Nikon; it brings out some great pictures.

Here are this years entrants, including a great pic of a butterfly egg on the front page:


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Here's a nice story which explains why humans like gold so much.  It's all down to it not being a gas, not being corrosive and not being deadly.

And that's why if beat out all the other elements in the periodic table.  Oh.  And what better excuse to bring out the old Tom Lehrer video...

Rock and Roll

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A music historian has identified what he claims is the first ever rock and roll song.  You can read the story here:

And here is the song itself...

One's Facebook

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Here's quite a funny video: imagine Her Madge had a Facebook page; how would she have reacted to last week's news about the forthcoming Royal Wedding.

The Cathedral

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It's an award-winning Sci-fi short, it's beautiful and it's well worth 6 minutes of your life.  The Cathedral...

Things we learned from the interweb this week...

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Some flamingos wear makeup...

Some squids can 'fly'...

The E-tomb allows you to use Facebook and Twitter after you're dead. (the Grim Reaper *likes* this)

Text-speak has been going on since 1828

Striking in France appears to correlate quite nicely with holidays.

A bank in India allows you to deposit and withdraw goats

Animal Art

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Nick Brandt takes black and white photographs of wildlife, and they're quite beautiful...

...the elephants are amazing; but did you know that they can sometimes be struck by lightning?


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Another game, but this one might keep you going a bit longer than the white jigsaw game earlier in the week.  It's basically Scrabble but played over the whole web.

What's your top score?


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A couple of brain-teasers here - does anyone know how the second one works?  If you can explain, please send us a message at

New Quibble-Blog Entry

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This week's Quibble Blog concentrates on some of the unheralded heros (and occasionally villains) at QI central, the picture-elves...

Maths and Maps

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Not for serious mathematicians or cartographers..

Maths has been in the news (on the outer-reaches of the web, anyway) recently.  Firstly mathematicians with way too much time on their hands have come up with an equation for the "Speed of Mess" of a child's room:

And secondly, a new paper has been written relating to the positioning of nipples after cosmetic surgery:

For the map-lovers out there; here's a nice look at how the world would look if the populations of countries moved to the land that best correlates with their size:

And finally, Google Maps has a new disclaimer: "it should not be used as the ultimate authority on international boundary disputes."

Please call Stella....

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This is pretty cool, it's a project that's documenting accents from around the world.  None from the North of England yet, which is a shame - maybe because no-one managed to get past the first sentence without asking what snow-peas are...

White Jigsaw

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I guess you'll have to be really bored at work to get past level 3 of this game, but see how far you can get anyway.  It's a jigsaw with no picture and the number of pieces increases with each solution....


| No Comments | No TrackBacks fun.  Well, it can be.  Here are a couple of site with very innovative advertising ideas.

Handle ads:

and environmental ads:


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It goes without saying that this is NSFW.

You may have read on the internet this week that Bush Crickets have the largest testicles in nature (when compared with their body size, of course).  Well Environmental Graffiti have taken that fact and added another 6 about odd animal genitals.

We love facts about animal mating...

The History of Europe in a Map

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It's a fairly simple idea, but quite interesting nonetheless.

The map of Europe as it has changed over the last 1000 years...

New Tribe Discovered

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One of the QI elves was behind a recent music album for the charity "Survival".  Along with BBC's Bruce Parry, the idea was to raise money for tribal people in the amazon.

Here's a link, if you're interested...

Anyway, we've been interested in tribal news ever since: here is a story from ITN about a new people that has been discovered in Peru.

Things we learned from the interweb this week...

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Hard work makes your food taste better:

Vegetarians may be more aggressive than meat-eaters:

North Korea is on Twitter, and has its own Youtube:

Civilization may owe its roots to beer:

The most annoying part of space travel is your fingernails falling off:

There is a Russian village called "Paris" that has its own Eiffel Tower

Physics, argh

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We've had a few fun and visual posts recently, so here's something a little more cerebral.  Here are 10 things about the universe that even astrophysicists find strange.  How many of the 10 did you understand?!

iPhone fails

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If you have an iPhone you'll feel the pain of these people who have been struck by the curse of autocorrect.  Some NSFW language here...

More online art...

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A couple more sites with cool art projects...


Light graffiti meets performance art:

And slightly less contemporary; Franz Xaver Messerschmidst was a brilliant yet slightly insane sculptor...

Flash Game

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Why not take a break.  This game is called "The Game You Can't Stop" and it's true to its name, until you get bored and just close the webpage...

Quark Song

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It has been said that there are no decent songs about science.  If anything, this video confirms that fact, but it at least explains what a quark is...


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This artist, Kim Rugg, likes to cut up newspapers and rearrange their letters into alphabetical order.  The result are interesting-looking but unreadable objects - though The Guardian doesn't lose much in its spelling accuracy!  :)

Kim Rugg from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

Awesome Photography

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Here are a couple of great examples of innovative photography from around the web.

Firstly, here are some recently popped water balloons...

And then some clever examples of camouflage suits...

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