What we learned on the interweb this week...

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A list of things that we found on the internet which didn't really warrent their own post, but which we so good that we didn't want to close the tabs without passing them on...

For only the second time in history, humans have wiped out an entire virus:


If you get these assembly instructions, then it's probably time to give up!


If we keep using natural resources at this rate, we're going to need two earths by 2030.


The furthest you can be in the mainland US from a McDonalds is 155 miles - it's a spot in the Nevadan Desert.


Private Wojtek was a 500 pound bear who faught the Nazis.  He lived out his years after the war in Edinburgh Zoo.


London's Police Force has bought the costumes from The Bill after fears that they could get into the wrong hands.


The lack of bees has led to Chinese farmers employing humans to pollinate their apple trees.


Feeding origano to cows might make your milk taste a little Italian, but it could cure one of the biggest problems in global warming - cattle burps.


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