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A few things that we found this week which didn't really constitute their own post - you never know when these factoids might be useful in a pub quiz!!

In 1975, scientists M. A. Tainsh et al found out that people who travel for 100 miles make worse decisions than those who stay at home:


This dinosaur, Sarahsaurus aurifontanalis, had a human-hand-shaped claw that was extremely powerful

National Geographic

Croatia has a museum that contains items from difficult relationship break-ups - what would you put in there?

Croatian Times

A Brazilian clown has been elected to congress with 1.2 million votes!


Hitler promised his foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop all of Cornwall if the conquest went well.

*ahem* Daily Mail

Vostok beer is the first beer to be especially designed to be enjoyed in space!  Cheers!


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