What did ninjas wear?

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You might think that we elves would be annoyed when somebody says that we're wrong about something, but it's really not true - it's one of the great privilages of working on QI that we often have experts in a subject watching the show and ready to pull us up if they feel we have made a mistake.  So we were delighted recently when this video appeared on Youtube:

This excellent video was made by Antony Cummins of The Historical Ninjutsu Research Team, his website can be found here:


So why was our information so much at odds with what is said here by Mr Cummins?

Well our fact came from this book by Dr Stephen Turnbull:


we put this source to Mr Cummins and he replied:

I knew you had used Dr Turnbull's work the moment I saw the programme. In fact, I know Dr Turnbull. You may or may not know, but I will be appearing next to Dr Turnbull next year as a co-expert on the upcoming documentary "Ninja - Shadow Warriors". [...] To give Dr Turnbull the due respect, he did get his information from Japanese sources, however, he went to secondary information from the 1960's which is where the mistakes have been taken from.

So there you go.  Thank you very much to Antony for his video and if you're interested in the history of Ninjas, then why not check out their documentary here:

And if you have anything more to add, be it in addition to Mr Cummins video, or in support of our original research, then make sure you get in touch with us at elves@qi.com - the truth is a slippery mistress, so we're always happy to share the knowledge as new information comes to light.

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