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The QI Set

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One of the most common questions that we get at QI (if you ignore the ones asking why we said that there was more than one moon) is about the set. Who designed it? And what's the story with that spiral?
Want to read more about bestiality in the early US, or cheating in sports? Come this way...

New Research: "Why Don't We Have More Women On QI?"

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Some new research has come to light on the question of men & women in humour. Does it agree with, or contradict, what we said?
Research notes from the seventh episode of the I series of QI.

A Guide to QI. Series I, Episode 6 'Inventive'

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Find out more about the subjects broached in the "Invention" episode of QI.

A Guide to QI. Series I, Episode 5 'Invertebrates'

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Creepy and Crawly research notes from our 'Invertebrate Special'

A Guide to QI. Series I, Episode 4 'Indecision'

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A guide to the fourth episode of the I series of QI - all about 'Indecision'.



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