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The Ig Nobel Prizes

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It's Ig-Nobel Prize time again, and to celebrate, not only does this week's QI have a section about the prizes, we've also been given permission from our friends at the Journal of Improbable Research to post a link to a live feed of the ceremony.

A Guide to QI. Series I, Episode 2 'International'

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Part two in our series of guides to QI where we give factual sources and more from the last episode.

A Guide to QI. Series I, Episode 1 'I Spy'

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The first in a potential series of posts in which I give many of the sources that the elves used to research this series of QI.

Yes, Missed a president

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In series G of QI we used our highest-profile klaxon of all-time when we forfeited President Obama's inaugural speech in which he claimed that "44 Americans have held this office." Our point is that while he is considered the 44th president, this is only because Grover Cleveland held the position twice with a break making him the twenty-second (1885-1889) AND twenty-fourth (1893-1897) President of the United States.



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