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Shellie Austin writes...

Poor Andy Hamilton!

It seems he was correct about the Statue of Liberty. It originally operated as a lighthouse from 1886 to 1902. In fact, it was the first lighthouse to use electricity.

An elf replies...

Andy is without doubt one of our most knowledgeable guests, and I think we owe him an apology in this case.  You're quite right that the Statue of Liberty operated as a lighthouse for some time at the end of the 19th century.

As you look at the set, taking Stephen as the central point, the elves are sat in a little booth, just off set, to the left (Stephen's right).  We all have laptops (and on special occasions a glass of wine) and are listening to everything that is being said - checking on the go, as it were.  

The most common facts that need to be checked are those given by the guests themselves, as there is a reasonable chance that we have not come across them in the course of our research: as soon as Andy mentioned this, we began to beaver away on Google (other search engines are available), to see if he was correct.

When we find the answer we have a couple of options; we could talk in Stephen's earpiece or place a message on a screen in his desk (you'll notice that it's the one he uses to check the scores), and did so in this occasion.  Whether we were a little late for Stephen to mention it, or whether we mentioned that Andy was right and it was lost in the edit, I can't remember, but sadly it never saw the light of day.  So sorry Andy, hopefully this blog is apology enough to keep your reputation as one of QI's most erudite panelistas intact.

If you see anything in QI's input that doesn't seem quite right, get in touch by e-mail at or visit our talkboards at

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1 Comment

Just a question about the correct name for the guests of the show: panelistas or bantermeisters?
Or are both correct?

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