Image wrongs Pt 2

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Last week we mentioned how our picture elves need to be equally accurate with their work, as we have eagle-eyed viewers that will pick up on even the slightest inaccuracy. A perfect example of this came from the final episode of series three when we talked about Rolls Royce's use of chickens to test how its engines react to bird-strikes.

QI has a talkboard where some of the most erudite internet users from around the world come together and talk about anything from N-rays to N-dubz. It is an area where interestingness is abound and pedantry is positively encouraged, and is also somewhere where you can discuss the show with the people who actually make it. Many of our longest-serving posters are people who happened upon the site when wanting to point out a mistake in the show, so we positively encourage such posts.

Anyway, a couple of years ago, we had a poster called glassrat arrive on the talkboards with the following comment that we just loved for its pedantry and geekyness, it really sums up what the boards are for, and also shows again why our picture researchers need to be on top of their game...

"In the question involving chickens and Rolls-Royce gas turbine engines, the picture in the background is not an RR engine.

All RR engines rotate clockwise when viewed from the front, but the one pictured would go anti-clockwise. The photo wasn't inverted because the blade numbers were the right way round.

It could possibly have been a V2500 (made by IAE) or a BR700 series (BMW-Rolls-Royce), both of which rotate anti-clockwise & are manufactured by RR joint ventures. Probably more likely to be a General Electric or Pratt & Witney engine, and quite an old one too, as it has clappers between the fanblades.

Your eagle-eyed rodent,

Wow. Great stuff we think. Why not watch the next episode of QI with the same attention to detail and then head over to - we hosted a quibble of the year award last year and hope to do so again, so as well as finding a whole host of interesting people discussing the interesting issues of the day, you might just win yourself some piece of QI memorabilia (ahem, that I half-inched from the set).

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