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A question of real gravity Part1

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Rarely has a QI episode garnered such an immediate response as the G for Gravity episode of series seven. Many of the questions were so counter-intuitive that many viewers were left incredulous: for instance, would a bullet fired from a gun and one dropped at the same time really land at exactly the same time??

Image wrongs Pt 2

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Last week we mentioned how our picture elves need to be equally accurate with their work, as we have eagle-eyed viewers that will pick up on even the slightest inaccuracy. A perfect example of this came from the final episode of series three when we talked about Rolls Royce's use of chickens to test how its engines react to bird-strikes.

Image wrongs Pt1

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Mrs E Compton-Williams writes:

"I was watching the Genius episode of 'G' series and wondered what it was about cat genetics that made CC the cloned cat look so different to her mother. The main two points that I would like to highlight are: i) CC does not stand for CopyCat but Carbon Copy. And ii) The tabby shown in the picture on QI was the surrogate mother of CC, not the cat from whom she was cloned."


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