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Gareth Lamerick writes:

It was stated on the show that dolphins don't drink anything.. This is presumably because they spend their lives in water and some wonderfully in-depth research indicated that they don't drink the water around them... however.....

Hodge Podge Bodge

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The first episode of QI went out last Friday on BBC1 and by the end of the weekend our mailbox was brimming with comments, queries and quibbles.  Before the new episode airs this evening, it might be a good time to point out some of our more mistakes.

Not Berry Good

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Jon Kyffin writes:

Just watched the repeat of QI where the question about berries was asked. (And where Alan lost a lot of points). There were a few errors in what Stephen gave as berries though.

A berry is a fruit that is formed from a single ovary where the entire ovary wall ripens into an usually edible outer layer called a pericarp, the seeds should be embedded in the fruit. The flowers of berrys have a superior ovary (i.e. attached above the other flower parts, like a poppy)...

An elf replies:

Misplaced Gene-ius?

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Nick Evans writes:

I was recently watching an episode of QI and Stephen fry stated that all living creatures have an even number of chromosomes. If you check the data for mules you will find that they have an odd number(63) of chromosomes as they get half of their chromosomes from a horse, which has 64 chromosomes, and the other half from a donkey, which has 62.

It Never Rains...

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Ian Dunn writes:

I believe I have come across a QI error. In Series D, Episode 4, ("Dictionaries"), you said that raindrops were, "Completely spherical" in shape. However, according to a BBC Four documentary called "Rain", broadcast as part of three documentaries on British weather, a raindrop is in fact oval in shape with a flat base...


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