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Imperfect Match?

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Colette Owen-Rafferty writes:

QI has claimed that matches were invented by the scots.  I would like to point out that matches were invented by a guy from Stockton-on-Tees!  There is even a statue of a box of matches in his honour in the centre of a roundabout - you can't that away from us!

A Qibble with Bells on

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Stephen Kelly writes:

I recently watched QI and after hearing that Alexander Graham Bell "stole" the idea for the telephone from a "poor" Italian man, I decide to check that.

Toad-ally Wrong?

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Andy Arthur writes...

On Monday's episode Mr Fry mentions that there is "virtually no difference" between frogs and toads. This is incorrect because as far as I know they have different eyes. 

Registration Celebration

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Praise be to Centzon-Totochtn, the Aztecs' four hundred drunken rabbit gods.

The registration problem has been tackled by the technical elf, and you should now be able to comment to your heart's content.  Please be gentle.

Quibble Nibbles

| 11 Comments | No TrackBacks has been getting lots and lots of traffic of late, it's great to see that we have so many eagle-eyed viewers who refuse to take everything they see on television as gospel truth.  Here are a number of snippets that I felt were worthy of a mention; though perhaps not of their own blog entry...

Con? Err...

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The Sunday Mail writes:

Telly know-all Stephen Fry has been embarrassingly duped by the story of a mythical Scots conman....


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