Not Mush-room for Error

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Such is our success, QI is one of the more regularly repeated shows on television.  (For info on more regularly repeated shows, you'll have to wait for the G series to be broadcast).  As such, we can sometimes be at the risk of some of our information being out of date.

Such an incident has happened relating to our "Killer Mushroom Roulette" feature of Series 4.  Towards the end of the question, Stephen said: "It's very, very rare. The last recorded death by mushroom in Britain is too long ago for anyone, basically, to be confident about." 

Sadly, this information is now out of date, after an incident on the Isle of Wight last year where a woman in her 20s died after eating Death Cap Mushrooms.  It just goes to show that despite our regular debunking of old wives' tales, some information that we are given as children is important: "
wild mushrooms or plants should not be eaten unless the picker is certain it is safe to do so."

Quibble Qualified
(with thanks to Bernadette Allen who brought this to our attention)


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The woman who died was in her 40s
More haste less wossname!



Only 5? I ended up quibbling about something else but I originally signed in to ask about Westminster Abbey - I may have the 'wrong end of the stick' (whence THAT expression?!) but I seem to recall Stephen Fry saying that only 5 non-royals had been buried there. Intrigued as to whom these might be, I found a website ( which listed considerably more, even excluding those for whom only ashes were "interred." What do you say to that, sir?

The structure and team of the whole series must be put together. If the network likes the pilot, they pick up the show to air it the next season. Sometimes they save it for mid-season, or request rewrites and further review.
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