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Almost as soon as it has begun, the Quibble Blog is to take a one week hiatus, while I travel around the world, visiting Greece, The Grenadines, Guatemala, Guam and Glossop.

Actually, only one of those places is true, but please come back in a week or so's time for more mea culpa and Who? Me?


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In the series six show on Fakes and Frauds, there was an interesting story of Faked Raspberry Jam containing hand made wooden pips. As a kid my grandad always told his grandchildren that he once had a job carving wooden pips for raspberry jam and until seeing the show, I was convinced that he was pulling our legs. Looks like he had the last laugh.

Greece Is officially the Hellenic Republic now-a-days, Guatemala Is the Republic of Guatemala, Guam Is the Territory of Guam, and Glossop is just a name for a collection of villages that used to be called Glossopdale (I live near glossop so I know =P). But then again the Grenadines are technically just a term for the island chain called the Grenades. So to the extent of a 16yr olds knowledge, I am confused.

Whereas your points are valid, sometimes we eschew exactitude in deference to style... The post wouldn't have been as entertaining without the alliteration !

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