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Brian Jones writes:

I [would like] to point out an error made by Stephen Fry in one of the broadcasts.

The error was that he seemingly referred to 'Cumbria' as a geographical location/county which, I can assure you, it quite definitely isn't.

Were we wrong when we dealt with the Celts?

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Claire Hoang writes:

I just wanted to check something on the QI book?  There's was a fact about
the fact that 'Celtic' is not a real race/ethnic group linked...and that it
all came about because of a similarity in some accents being the same...

but then in another part of the book, it says that the word 'Scoti' came
from  a 'Celtic' group from Ireland?

So are there a group of celts or not?!

The Glas Glas Grass of Home

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It seems apt to begin the quibble blog with the very first that we recieved. It is a question that comes up again and again.

Did Stephen really say that there was no word in Welsh for "Blue"?

Well, yes. He did. And we have to hold our hands up...

Welcome to the Quibble Blog

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Hello, and welcome to the QI Quibble blog.

This is the place where the elves will address all your questions and queries from the television show, the books, the Daily Telegraph Column, and everything else QI related...



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