Jumble Fail?

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We have received much correspondence in the last few days about Stephen's deck of cards in the 'Jumble' episode of series J. Was it shameful mathematics that led him to claim that no pack in history had ever been in that same order?

Jerusalem Wallies

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We've done pretty well as far as factual accuracy is concerned this series, at least if the e-mails coming into elves@qi.com are to be believed, but mistakes are inevitable in all forms of media and it seems like we dropped a couple of clangers about the song 'Jerusalem' in our J-Places episode.

Ancestor tester

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Not every QI question has to have a definitive answer - in fact it is a fundamental QI tenet that we know so little about *everything* that it is almost impossible to say *anything* with any certainty. Should a subject come to light without an accepted viewpoint then we won't shy away from it - rather we'll attempt to start a discussion...

A Guide to QI. Series I, Episode 13 'Intelligence'

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Research notes from the 'Intelligence' episode of QI - including a new trick from Asimo!!

What did ninjas wear?

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Last week on QI we said that Ninjas never wore black, however an expert on the subject has rather different thoughts...

A Guide to QI. Series I, Episode 12 'Illumination'

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Lots more on all of the subjects tackled in the "Illumination" episode of QI.

A Guide to QI. Series I, Episode 11 'Infantile'

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This week's QI was chock-full of amazing facts, along with a few fun and games. Learn more about the subjects we broached here...

A Guide to QI. Series I, Episode 10 'Inland Revenue'

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A guide to the 11th episode of the I series of QI. Entitled 'Inland Revenue'

A Guide to QI. Series I, Episode 9 'Illness'

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Citations ahoy! It's the research-notes from our 'illness' episode of QI.

The QI Set

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One of the most common questions that we get at QI (if you ignore the ones asking why we said that there was more than one moon) is about the set. Who designed it? And what's the story with that spiral?



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